Aug 29, 2014

Follow Friday {8.29.14}

Well Lovelies, today is the day! MOVING DAY!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to move to a bigger place and live in a different neighborhood, but at the same time, it's a little bittersweet.  I have lived in this building since I moved to NYC three years ago. I have grown to love my super and doorman and have really felt at home there.

In keeping with the home theme, I have a few of my favorite decor sights to take a look at this week.  I have been looking non stop at these for ideas and options for the new place.

I have done a few posts about this company before, but I just couldn't pass up the chance for you to get to know them again!  They have everything you could possibly want to decorate your apartment.  I, for one, and a huge fan of their rugs and have several on my wish list for the new place.  If you are looking for decor items, Lulu & Georgia has so many to choose from.  

I can not get enough of Furbish Studio's Instagram!  They always have the greatest decor ideas and super cute home decor.  I am not afraid of color and mixing patters, and they have great items they showcase a lot of styling and pairing options!  If you are a bit scared of design like I am, it's a great site for inspiration and ideas.  They are located in Raleigh, NC but have a website that carries most of the items you see on their accounts.  

I am sure you are familiar with One King Lane, but have you stumbled across their Instagram account? If not, well then you should!  Not only do they feature items that have on sale that day, they also show you how to decorate, pair or design a space with those featured items.  All their furniture is really great quality, so don't let the sticker price (even on sale) scare you off.  It's worth the money! 

Do y'all remember when Domino Mag was first published years ago? It was one of my favorite magazines and I was so upset when they decided to cancel it.  So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when they brought it back AND with it, a fabulous website.  You can shop, get decor ideas and read about other readers and their decorating endeavors.  It's a refreshing occurrence when I see that daily email pop up! 

image via pinterest

Aug 27, 2014

Emmy Red Carpet Favorites

In between unpacking from my trip to California and packing up my apartment, I stopped to enjoy a little red carpet fashion from the Emmy Awards Monday night.  I have to say, just about everyone looked fabulous and I didn't have too many gag moments (sorry Lena Dunham)

Red was the color of the night and it only intensified my growing obsession for adding more rouge to my wardrobe.  Below were my favorites from the night.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Carolina Herrera

Kiernan Shipka
Antonio Berardi

Lizzy Caplan
Donna Karen Atelier

Taylor Schilling
Zuhair Murad

Anna Gunn
Jenny Packham

January Jones

Julia Roberts
Elie Saab Couture

Julie Bowen
Peter Som

Sarah Hyland
Christian Siriano

Aug 26, 2014

NY See | US Open

If you are going to be in NYC over the next 10 days, I would highly suggest getting over to Arthur Ashe Stadium and taking in a game or two of the US Open.  Tickets are still available, but most are in the upper deck.  Still, it you want to add and mark something off your bucket list, going to a game at the US Open is a good one to do.  And while you are out there, walk around Corona Park . There are several attractions to enjoy while waiting for the game to begin.  To name a few, it was the site of the 1964 World's Fair's and has few parks to enjoy as well.  And if you are in the mood to make it an all out sports day, head across the street to Citi Field to see a Met's game.  

You can find information here, and purchase tickets here.  So jump on that 7 train and head out to Queens and enjoy an afternoon or evening with some of the greatest tennis players around!  

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Aug 22, 2014

Follow Friday {8.22.14}

Happy Friday, Lovelies! As we speak I am getting ready to head out to Napa for the weekend to catch up with a fabulous friend and drink wine until our heart's (or liver's) content!  If you don't already, be sure to follow me on instagram for all the winery shenanigans we get ourselves into. Also look for a few posts next week on my weekend in California! 

Ok, to the real reason you stopped by! My faves for this week! There isn't a theme this week, just a few peeps I adore and want you all to as well! Have fun getting to know these accounts and have a fabulous weekend! xo

The name alone should be a given. Their instagram account gives me major vacation envy several times a day.  Their account if complies of pictures people have taken from all over the globe and they are all downright gorgeous.  It's also a great way to get ideas for any upcoming trips or vacations.  

Design inspiration is at the top of my go to list lately and I stumbled across The Pink Pagoda Blue and White pinterest board and have been obsessing over it ever since. It.Is.Just.Gorgeous. If you are looking for some decor inspo, start here! 

I am sure everyone has seen this account, the book, or at least heard about this.  If  not, let me introduce you - this account was started by a guy four years ago who had a goal to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers and plot the photos on a map.  Over the years, he has added quotes and from the people he photographs and its turned into a blog and a best selling book.  Not all the pictures and stories are rainbows and sunshine, which is why I think it's so popular.  It shows real life and the accomplishments and struggles of people living right here in NYC.  He is currently traveling August - September and his pictures have been really telling and eye opening thus far. 

image via pinterest

Aug 21, 2014

Weekend Getaway | Travel Style

Oh Happy Day! Not only is it Thursday (1 day closer to the weekend), but I am heading to San Francisco today for a long weekend with a fabulous friend! I cannot wait to spend time catching up, drinking wine, and enjoying one last trip before the craziness of fall comes around.  

So it's no surprise that this weeks Weekend Style is all about travel.  I refuse to check a bag unless I am going to be gone for more than a week.  Since moving to NYC, I travel a lot more frequently than I used to, which has forced me to really be thoughtful about what I pack.  Gone are the days of just throwing everything in suitcase and planning outfits when I get there.  I am all about bring things that are versatile.  Whether that be day to night, changing temperatures, or wearing some things more that once (yes, it is OK to wear something two days in a row)

I have a huge crush on Madewell and have actually for a while now.  They just have so many great, good quality pieces.  Below are a few outfits I have been eyeing for some time.  Every single piece is from Madewell, and even better, they allow you wear items more than once, while still looking fabulous! 

Also, my most favorite booties in the whole wide world are from Madewell. I wore them so much last year I had to order the black just so I could give the others a rest! They have withstood the hard and nasty streets of NYC, so you know they are the real deal! Do yourself and your wardrobe a favor and get them!  In both colors! 
Weekend Wear | Madewell
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 67 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Outfit 1  
This green silk dress is perfect for a relaxing day brunching, taking in the sights or whatever your day has in store.  It isn't heavy or fussy which is great when traveling.  I would add the jean vest over for a more casual look and if you wanted to wear this into the evening, take that off and just add a dressier shoe and small clutch.  If it's going to be a little cooler, you could put the white button down from outfit two under the dress and belt it at the waist for a more tailored look.  

Outfit 2  
I don't know what it is, but I am loving that wide leg pants are coming back for Fall.  I have always been a lover of the wide leg option.  And I just adore this outfit.  It's very boho and the fabrics are super lightweight so it's perfect for traveling and exploring.  You can also add the jean jacket over the button down to add another dimension to your look.  It also tapers in the shirt and your top half a little so if you are worried you look too baggy, this is a quick fix. 

All the accessories will go with both outfits and if you wanted to add flat booties or sandal instead of the heel, those are great options too! Once you start to think about a piece's versatility, this will become easier.  Most of my purchases are bought with this mindset - how many different ways and places can I wear this one piece?  If I cannot think of at least three, then I usually pass.  

p.s - I have the tote above and it is the perfect 'everyday' ,'any occasion' bag.  Throw whatever you need in it and go.  I have been really hard on it and its still standing and in great shape! Trust!

Aug 20, 2014

Julie Vos Online Sample Sale

If you love jewelry and you love Julie Vos' jewelry (that should be a given), then you are going to be in heaven for the next few weeks!  She is having an online sample sale and it's just too good to pass up, y'all!

If you aren't familiar with Julie Vos, she offers gorgeous jewelry using semi-precious stones and a 24k gold plate overlay, so no turning on your or tossing after just one season.  And with this sample sale, you can get her pieces for a STEAL!  That outfit you just need a certain accessory to go with? Look to Julie Vos to help complete your look.  The sale will be online until September 2nd, so make sure you get over there to grab some great jewelry!  With the holidays just around the corner (can you believe that?!), you can mark those fashionistas off your list with a piece or two from Julie's collection.  

images given by Julie Vos

Aug 19, 2014

NY See | Playbill

I have been coming to New York since I was in the 3rd grade (so a looooong time), and by far my most favorite and vivid memories are the ones with my family going to the great white way and taking in a new Broadway show.  The first play I ever saw was Cats and from that point on, I feel madly in love with the theatre.  Over the years I have seen more musicals than I can count, and some I have seen more than a handful (I'm looking at you Wicked) of times.  I have kept just about every playbill from the shows I have seen and have started matting them in frames to hang on my walls.  I often get asked which ones were my favorites or which I would recommend you just have to see if you were coming to the city for a short time.  Gosh!, that seems to be a tougher answer than I thought!  Though shows come and go down on Broadway, there are those classics or popular ones that if they do come back or travel to a city near you, you MUST go see!  Below are my top 5 shows of all time (this was tough, y'all), and a few that are still going on that I would recommend going to see if you are here or have the opportunity.  

Top 5 Favorites:

Other recommendations currently on Broadway

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