Oct 26, 2010

Fall/Winter nail polish favorites

Most of my friends and my manicurist will tell you, I am a manicure fanatic!! I go to my favorite nail spot about once a week in the fall/winter. Why you ask? Well, there are several reasons.  The first being that I have horrible nails! I have thin, weak, dry, and brittle nails.  So going to get a manicure about once a week helps keep my nails healthy.  The second is the fact that my nail polish usually chips within about 3 days (due to having horrible nails). AND probably the actual reason I go so often is to change up my nail polish. I love, love, love dark polish. As soon as September 1st hits, I am already bringing out my fall/winter colors.  To me, nothing looks more classy or just plain fabulous than a dark polish on short nails.  My girlfriends and I are obsessed with dark polish.  We are always asking each other what color they have on or what they are going to get the next time they go. I have a couple staples that I use on a regular basis and a few new ones that I am dying to try.  For the most part, I am an OPI girl.  For as long as I can remember I have been using OPI.  I have used a couple ESSIE nail polishes and I do like them, I just started with OPI, so that's what I am comfortable with. What are your favorite nail polishes?

         Lincoln Park after Dark
This is a deep purple and looks fabulous with anything!
This is not for the faint at heart, this is a bold color and is
definitely an attention getter.

      You don't know Jacques
This is a taupe/grey color and is the color of the season!
I have seen so many women with this color on lately.
If you are a little scared to jump into the dark polish,
I would reccommend starting with this color. 

        Color so hot it Berns
This is a fabulous red! It is bright and is
definately an attention getter. Being from Arkansas,
this is the perfect red for game days!

             Light my Sapphire
This is a great dark blue color. 
It's great for those girls who want to wear
a super dark color, but dont want black. I
will warn you, this is dark! But it is still a great color
to wear this winter! I will definitely have this color on in
the near future.

           Ski Teal we Drop
This is a gorgeous turquoise color! I have only
tried this on my toes, so I dont know what it looks
like on fingernails. But with all the compliments I got,
I am sure it will be a winner on my hands too!

Sweet Heart
This is a great neutral color.  It is perfect for
those who just want a little bit of color.  I use this
a lot when I want something that will go with everything,
or don't have time to go to the nail salon every week.

      Rumple's Wiggin
This is more if a spring/summer color,
 but it is one of my new favorites, so I
decided to post it anyway.

               Cajun Shrimp
This is my go to summer color. You cannot go
wrong with this color for toes or nails. This color usually
stays on my feet for most of the summer. If you haven't tried this,
I highly reccommend trying it next summer!

This is from their new Burlesque Collection.
I am dying to try this! It would look great alone, or
as a top coat on red or dark polish for the holidays.

Tease Y Does It - OPI Nail Polish
            Tease-y does it
Also frim the new Burlesque Collection,
this is a burgundy-plum color with a little
bit of shimmer. I can't wait to see what
this looks like on me! I am not much for
shimmer, but I think this might be just the
right amont of shimmer.

I think these are enough for now.  I have so many favorites, it would take me all day to get them on here  These are by far my favorites right now.  Remember, when doing a dark color, it's best to put it on short nails.  If your nails are too long, it will change the whole look.  Short dark nails are the classy way to go.

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