Oct 26, 2010

Sarah, is this a want or a need?

This is a question I get asked almost weekly. I am not going to lie, I have a HUGE obsession with Fashion!! I mean HUGE!! I have a degree in Apparel Studies, so I can kind of blame my addiction on that.  .  .kind of.  Not a day goes by that I don't find something I HAVE (by my standards, probably not everyone elses) to have.  Since I was little, I have always had a problem with saving.  I just hated to see money sit and not be well spent.  My sister on the other hand, is a super saver! My parents would always have to dicuss every purchase with me to make sure it was something I really wanted or needed.  And most of the time I really needed/wanted whatever it was I was looking at purchasing.  Now that I am married and have our money, my spending habits have changed quite a bit.  I no longer buy something just because I sort of like it and may wear it.  I buy things I know I love and will wear to death.  I also have started shopping at less expensive boutiques and clothing stores.  I buy trendy things or what I call "seasonal" things at the more wallet friendly stores.  Things that are "staples" or "long term" purchases, I usualy buy at department or upper scale boutiques.  I have started becoming more of an internet shopper, and it's really easy and fun! I have joined several private sale websites and get an emails everyday about all the sales they are having. 

Most of the time, I don't end up getting anything, but there are times when I do and I am SOOO happy I did.  Case in point. . . Last Saturday we had a bunch of friends over for Hubby's birthday and to watch the Hogs play Auburn (we got ROBBED). A couple of my friends and I were talking about the genious invention - the Jegging. I swear its the most ingenious idea ever! (well maybe not ever, but for right now, yes it is) My friend Candice said she found a great pair of Rich and Skinny's (my fave jean brand) and a local boutique. My other friend Morgan, who shares my affinity for bargain shopping and great sales, told me they had that brand of jegging on a site called smartbargains.com, AND they were half the price of the ones at the local boutique. SO what did I do, I jumped on there monday morning and bought me a pair for cheap! I am wearing them today and love them so much, I went back and bought the black pair too! Both pair did not even add up to what they were originally priced for. Score one for Sarah!! My husband will probably not be happy that I bought two more pairs of jeans/jeggings, but these were a great deal and I know I will get lots of use out of them!!

This is now my mantra for shopping, I always ask myself the very question that I hate being asked. Sarah, is this a want or a need? And 9 times out of 10, its a want, and not something I really need.  So I end up not getting it.  It has probably saved us a lot of money in the long run, and most of the time I realize that it wasn't something I really needed, I just thought I did. 

My challange to you the next time you go shopping, ask yourself this question, "is this a want or a need?" and I bet you will talk yourself out of a lot of unnecessary and impulse buys. I know I sure have.

Happy Tuesday!

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