Oct 22, 2010

Why am I starting another blog?...

I already have a blog about my life with my wonderful husband and our two dogs.  It's mostly about what we have been up to and how our lives are going.  Since the blog is about the Vicks, I didnt think putting my ideas about fashion, cooking, obsessions, rants, society, etc. on that blog would be appropriate. So I decided to start one just for all that and probably a lot more. This blog will be mine personally, to talk about whatever I am loving that week, or feeling the need to discuss.  I hope you all will enjoy this blog and I am very hopeful it will turn in to something pretty great! I have high asperations for this blog, I just hope that I live up to them!

My parents and Brandons parents are in town for the Razorback Football game tomorrow, so we are going to hang out with them this weekend. Hopefully I will be able to post something Sunday, if not for sure Monday! Have a great weekend and GO HOGS!

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    This is a fabulous Blog with super fashion information! Especially for "Old Teakys" like me who are stuck everytime we open our closets with what to wear. After reading this I even saw new ways to wear some of the things already hanging in my closet! You are definitely the fashion diva and I am tickled you are sharing your advice online! Great Job!!! Love, Tracy K


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