Nov 30, 2010

Fashion for Petites

Most designers and companies think every woman is 5'10" and a size 0.  That might be true in the modeling world, but it is far from true in the real world.  I have noticed in the past several years that some designers are starting to make clothes for petite women.  I was blessed with some height, so I don't have a problem finding pants too long (usually it's the other way around.) But I do have problems finding shirts that fit correctly.  You see, I am 5'5"and 1/2 (yes that needs to be added), and that is about an average height, but my problem (not a bad one to have) is that my legs are really long, leaving me with a short torso.  Thus preventing me from basically ever buying a shirt that fits me correctly.  The straps are usually too long, the sleeves are too big, and the shirts I do end up getting, I have find the time to take to my alterations lady.

A couple of years ago while I was shopping with my mom and sister, my mom suggested I look in the petite section of Ann Taylor Loft to see if there were some shirts I liked that might fit me.  At the time, I wasn't really interested, but now I am sorry I didn't look sooner! It's nice to shop places that have clothes that actually fit the way they are supposed to! Now, I still shop my favorite places even though they don't have a petite section, but for some of my closet staples, or nicer things, I usually look at the petite section first.  Here are a several stores to try, there are many more, just search for petite clothing.  I have a few options I have found that I think are great for petite ladies.  It's becoming a lot easier to shop for petites now! If you like something in a dept. store but it just doesn't fit right, ask the sales lady where the petite section is, and 9 times out of 10, they will have the same item in petite. 


Petite Abstract Leopard Cardigan
Ann Taylor Cardigan - $88

Joe's Jeans 'Provocateur' Bootcut Stretch Jeans (Petite)
Joe's Jeans - $174

Talbots Sequin Top - $149

Banana Republic Dress -$150

Ellen Tracy 'Kimono' Coat
Ellen Tracy Coat - $198

 Fashion tips for Petite women -

-Horizontal lines cut off your figure and make you appear wider and shorter than you may be. 
-Try to avoid high contrast colors ex: white top with black bottom.  Try to choose similar colors to create an elongated look.
- Try Vertical lines such as pleats, v-necks, open jackets and pants create a longer look.
- The same color from head to toe will also create a continuous, lengthwise flow.
- Make sure your shoes are the same color or darker than your hemline.  It will make you look taller.
- Avoid skirts that are past your knee and above your ankles, this will cut you off and make you look short.
- Wear flats with narrow pants a shorter skirt, or with same color tights.  Heels are your best option when trying to elongate your body. 
-Find a great and reliable alterations person.  I don't know what I would do without Maria! She alters so many of my clothes.  She has been a lifesaver on several occasions. 

This is a great link to helping petites with fashion woes.  It has some of the same tips I stated above, but it also has other options for the petite market.  

Nov 29, 2010

Wearing Accessories


Accessories, to me, make an outfit.  They make a statement, tell us something about another person, and spice up your same cycle of clothes.  I am a HUGE fan of accessories.  I love big cocktail rings, scarves, bracelets, and chandelier earrings.  Sometimes I think I look a little gaudy, but I am ok with that. I think it looks good, so I am going to rock it! Ha! Don't be afraid to pile necklaces and bracelets on.  My one tip would be to go heavy in one place.  If you want a lot of bracelets, keep the necklace simple.  If you want big earrings, I would shy away from a necklace, or just wear a long one with a thin chain.  You don't want to look too accessorized.  I usually choose one thing and then pile them on.  Necklaces are my favorite! I have small wrists, so it is hard to find small bangles or bracelets that stay on my arm.  Play around with different looks.  Here are a few "Rock" worthy accessories I want to add to my wardrobe. I am planning on picking up a few of these while I am in Dallas this weekend!

Jumbo Pave Ring with White Pearls gallery 0
Henri Bendel Ring

Anthropologie Necklace

Sam Moon Bracelet

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Hamilton' Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag

Nov 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Nothing is worth more or more important than spending time with loved ones.  I am so thankful for my family and friends (old and new). Cheers to a great Holiday Season!!

Nov 24, 2010


This is all I can think about today!  Work is really slow. Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov 23, 2010

Designer : Tory Burch

I just want to put it out there how much I LOVE Tory Burch! I started following her years ago when she had a spread in a fashion magazine (I can't remember which one). She just seemed so down to earth and relatable.  Her designs are classic and never go out of style.  She adds just a touch of flare to her designs, but not so much that you can't wear or keep them for years to come.  Over the years I have continued to follow her and watch her style turn into one of the most popular brands out there! Kanye West was even at her Fashion Show this year!!!! Below are a few of my favorites that I would love to add to my wardrobe.

Flannel Tory Tote - $250

Sequin Scarf - $275

Mirrored Cosmetic Bag - $125/$150

Sophie Wedge - $295

Grey Flannel or Black Reva Flat - $195

Monika Dress - $198

Anna Satchel - $465

Reva Clutch - $325

Travel Socks - $48

Oversized Square Sunnies - $195

Check out for more fabulous stuff!

Nov 22, 2010

Lovely Leopard

I must say, I think I have a slight affinity for over the top fashion sometimes. AND I am LOVING that leopard is coming back! I guess it really never left, but it seems to be everywhere this year! And I could not be happier!! I bought a couple of Leopard things at H&M several months ago, and have been obsessed ever since.  I also have leopard tights I wear on occasion to add a little pop to my ever growing black wardrobe.  Here are some great leopard  print options to add to your wardrobe. If you already have some, then why not add more? You can never have too much of one thing. Right???

I'm dying over this coat!! And this scarf is super affordable!

Zara coat - $169

Forever 21 Scarf - $6.80

Just a few examples of leopard fashion this season.

Leopard Lovelies

Nov 19, 2010

Fall Favorites! . . .

Well, Fall/Winter has just about set in up in my neck of woods. Some days we are 50, others we are 70! I wish it would get colder and stay cold! I love fall clothes and everything that comes with the colder months! I have been shopping for winter clothes since the middle of summer! I have so many more fall clothes than summer. If I could live in sweaters, leggings and boots year round, I totally would! So today's post is a collection of some of my favorite outfits from past couple of weeks.  Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you Monday . . .

Jeggings - Rich & Skinny
Top - H&M
Vest - Rachel Zoe (I am obsessed with this vest!!!)
Boots - Michael Kors
Watch - Michael Kors
Necklaces - Sam Moon

Dress - Forever 21
Tights - Vera Wang for Kohls
Shoes - Vince Camuto
Cardigan - H&M

I was torn with which way to wear the belt. I decided to wear it just over the dress and not over the vest.  Although I like both options.  

Dress - Velvet
Vest - Rachel Zoe
Tights - Vera Wang for Kohls
Shoes - Vince Camuto
Belt - local boutique

Jeans - Rich & Skinny
Turtleneck - BCBG
Cardigan - Old Navy
Shoes - Jessica Simpson Booties

Leggings - Forever 21
Sweater - BCBG
Boots - Steve Madden

Nov 18, 2010

Thanksgiving . .

As soon as November hits, I am in Holiday mode. I start decorating my house, lighting all my fall smelling candles, and jumping into planning my wardrobe for all the parties or get-togethers I have coming up.  I have to say that the past few years I have sort of looked over Thanksgiving and on to Christmas.  How rude of me!! It's a holiday too, and deserves some recognition.  So I have decided to put more thought into my Thanksgiving wardrobe than in years past. I have put together a few options I would pack for Thanksgiving day.  I know some people have a casual turkey day, while others have a more formal one.  So I have a few options that I think will cover everyone.

Down to the Knitty Gritty. . .

Down to the Knitty Gritty. . . 
The knit dress is a great option this Holiday season. You can dress it up or down and it's still a comfortable and fashionable option. I have paired them with different style boots, tights, leggings, or over the knee socks.

1. Black and White Striped Dress
    Over-the-knee socks
    Black boots

2. Green and Grey Striped Dress
    Opaque Tights

3. Sweater
    Cable Knit Tights

4. Flax Seed Dress
    Over the Knee Socks
    Wedge Boots

5. Striped sweater dress
    Knitted lace tights

Giving Thanks. . . 

Giving Thanks. . .
 Here are some dressier options for Thanksgiving. They are great for a more formal dinner or if just want to dress up more than usual. All of these options would be super chic and appropriate for giving thanks with friends and family.

1. Dress

2. Chunky Cardigan

3. Dress
    Black booties

4. Floral Dress

5. Pearls

*Remember, it's all about being comfortable, so make sure the outfit's your style.

Have a great Thursday!!! Remember, you can email me or contact me on twitter if you have any questions or need advice! I would be thrilled to help!

Nov 17, 2010

Proud Sistah

I am taking fashion to a different audience today.  My sister has started her own business monogramming clothes and making Tutu's for little ones.  It's Rachel Addie Designs.  Her stuff is SUPER cute and affordable. I posted some pictures of some of the things she has done, but the possibilities are endless and you can contact her to create your own design. The price depends on the fabric used, the monogram, size, etc. 


Burp Cloth

Monogrammed Pillow






Adult T-Shirts

This is just a sample of what she can do.  If you are interesed, please contact her or find her on facebook.  She has several albums on facebook of what she has done for other clients. 

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