Nov 11, 2010

Can I wear that?

I am at the age now where I am starting to realize that I can't pull off trends or outfits that I could have a couple of years ago.  I know I am not old by any means, but I have started to become more aware of what I am buying and how it makes me look. I don't want to come off as trying to dress younger than I really am, or be one of those girls who can't accept that she is getting older and needs to change some of the styles she was used to.  This got me thinking, if I am having some trouble finding clothes to suit my age, what about women my mothers age? How is she supposed to get fashion advice and ideas when all you really see in ads or store fronts these days is clothes aimed at teenagers or young adults? Sure she could look at places like Eddie Bauer, Coldwater Creek, or L.L. Bean (which have great clothes, but its just not her style). For women of my moms generation, who are still active, working, stylish women and still want to look and feel good, there just isn't enough advertising for their market.  So they resort to just throwing something on, instead of really trying to stay current and up to date. Just because they are a certain age, doesn't mean they have to dress like it.  Below are a few tips, suggestions and some outfit options for women struggling to find their fashion style while still looking their age and being comforatable. 

Here are some tips when looking for the right clothes. 

Find the right size.  Try things on.  I know it can be a pain and frustrating, but it will help you determine what size you are and what size you need.  Always look at the label.  If it says 100% cotton, I would go up a size, because as soon as you dry it just a little bit, your shirt is one size smaller.  Don't try to fit into a smaller size than you really are.  No one knows what size your clothes are but you! So if you need a larger size , get a larger size. You will be happier in the end. Your clothes will fit comfortably, and you won't look like someone painted your shirt on you!

Stay away from baggy!!! I know we have been trained that covering up our bodies will hide what's really underneath or our problem areas. BUT that is the worst thing you can do!  It will only make you look bigger and attract attention to the areas you are trying to hide! I'm not saying to wear spandex from head to toe, but look for shirts that are tapered (come in at the waist), or have ties or belts at the waist.  Buy jeans that have some spandex in them, so you will have some give and you can buy the size you are and not have to worry about them stretching to a bigger size. 

Accessorize! If you have several shirts/outfits that are cute but need some help bringing them up to date, use accessories to help.  I love using belts and scarves to dress up outfits.  If you are a black and grey girl, use a bright scarf or textured belt to add some dimension to your look. Long necklaces are also a good option too.  They can change a pair of jeans and a black sweater into a dressy option for drinks with friends, or dinner with your husband. Stay away from being too matchy matchy though.  For example, don't have a pink scarf, pink shoes, and a pink purse.  That may work for Barbie, but it doensn't for anyone else. If you want fun accesories, then start with a neutral outfit (brown, black, cream. . ) Then add the pop of color in one place! You can have accessories that compliment each other, but try and stay away from accessories that are all the same color scheme. 

Don't forget the Shoes! Most women after wearing heels for so long, want nothing higher than a flat.  I totally understand that.  They are comfy, you can walk in them, and they usually go with most anything. I do think a woman needs to have a few other options in her closet besides flats.  I'm not saying go out and buy 4-5 inch stilettos, but I am saying look at other options.  The wedge is a perfect example.  It is fahsionable, easy to walk in, and you can wear it with just about anything! It can give you height, but not so much that you are falling over trying to walk.  With fall/winter around the corner, wedge boots are a must have! I wear mine just about every day! It may take some getting used to,but I promise you will be happy you ventured out of your flats. 

Here are a  few outfits I put together for women who feel trapped or stuck in a rut with their clothes options.  These are outfits I would put my mother in and I know she would like. You can still be comfortable and look stylish.  Sometimes change is good, you just need some help taking the first step. . .

Casual Women's Attire

Established Women's Attire 
This outfit is a great example of an outfit that could work for just about every age group. I created this look with my mother in mind, but could work for anyone. This is a great look for her age group, Comft, casual, and still up to date. I like the neutral boot, but black boots would look just as good. 

Dress Options

Dress Options
Here are several dress options to try. Most of them are either belted or come in at the waist. This style is flattering on most body types. Give it a try. You can also use a belt and make a dress you already own look like the ones above.


Night Out 

Night Out
This is a great outfit for a night out. Whether it's to a wedding, play, nice dinner, or concert, this outfit works! Kitten heels are a great alternative to flats, and if you still want to wear high heels, go for it! The belt on the dress allows the dress to be a little more fitted, which is what you want. Wearing baggy loose clothes is only going to make you look and feel worse. Show off what you've got! This could also work in the winter with tights, booties and a wrap.

What if I don't wear dresses?

What if I don't wear Dresses?
I wanted to put together some pant outfit options that would be appropriate for older women. Not everyone is comfortable in dresses, so i think these would be great alternatives to dresses.

Love Blazers. . .

All a Blaze
Blazers are a great way to update any outfit. If you are heading to a meeting, run errands, meet a friend for lunch, this is a great outfit! And it's super easy to pick out and wear! It looks great on anyone. This would be a great outfit to start with when beginning your style makeover!

Still not sure what to wear or how to go about updating your wardrobe? Contact me! I do consultations and can help you get started.

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