Jan 13, 2011

Looking to Spring . .. Already?

After going though my emails from the past 4 days, it is clear to me that the world has abandoned winter and sought out warmer temperatures.  Just about every fashion email I received contained spring/summer clothes. And as much as I LOVED looking at them, and wishing for warmer, sunnier days, I cannot rationalize to myself or the hubs buying clothes that I honestly won't be able to wear until at least late April, or early May. BUT, that doesn't mean I can't make a wish list, for when I do start to want new spring/summer clothes. Check out these lovelies. Doesn't it just make you want to hop on a plane to somewhere tropical? It sure does for me! I need a little Vitamin D in my life right now!

I got this email from shopbop this week and cannot stop staring at it! I want everything on this page! The colors, patterns, and textures remind me of vacationing in Mexico, and I so want to go back! This has, for a moment, gotten me out of my winter slump. Only a few more months, and some of these babies will be mine. Enjoy!

image from shopbop webpage

I also LOVE these Michael Kors city flats! And not just because these were the colors of my wedding, but because they are bold, bright, and beautiful for spring.

image from Michael Kors

Are you as ready for Spring Fashion as I am? I may have to start shopping sooner than later. See ya'll tomorrow. XX

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