Jan 3, 2011

Not so Mellow Yellow

If I had to choose just one favorite color, I would have to pick yellow. There is just something calming, feminine, and classic about yellow. I love most bright colors, but I tend to lean more towards this sunny hue than others. It just makes you feel good and it works great with so many other colors. Yellow isn't just for summer months, or warm climate states. Yellow can be worn year round. And there is a yellow hue for everyone. I am loving the yellow/gray pairing right now. In high school our school colors were black and gold/bright yellow, so I am still warming up to wearing them together again without going back 10 years and seeing my dance team uniforms all over again. Nevertheless, yellow is my "so right now" color. I know, it's probably "so over" to other people, but I feel it brings a little bit of happy to the cold, overcast, gray days we have had lately and will have for some time to come. Here are a few not so mellow yellows I like.

Sunshine Days 
Yellow is such a happy and vibrant color. It can be mixed with Black, Khaki, Gray, Brown, Green, well you get the picture. It brightens up any outfit. Which is especially nice when our days are mostly Gray right now. So add some sunshine to your life!



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  1. I love yellow. Such a cheerful color. That necklace is SO fun. Great picks!!!



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