Jan 27, 2011

She wears . . . . Combat boots?

Some of you will be shocked to see this post today. I think everyone who knows me knows that I am not really a rough around the edges, get your hands dirty, boyish-type girl.  But I am stepping out of that box today and letting you all know that I have become a HUGE fan of combat/military type boots.  I have seen combat boots everywhere for almost a year now, but for me, it's brought back so many memories (nightmares) of wearing my Dr. (Doc) Martins.  I think I just couldn't get past that image, and that's what was keeping me from seeing how fun, funky, and edgy boots were. I can picture myself wearing them with tights and a dress, skinnies and a chunky sweater, or even a maxi skirt. I haven't found a lot of styles that I just love, but I have found one in particular that I am keeping my eye on.  And I am hoping that maybe they'll be mine very soon.  What do you think about this trend? Too much?

Some celebs rocking combat boots.

Ashley Tisdale Ashley Tisdale, seen in a gray Urban Outfitters blazer and sporting black combat boots, heads back to her car after grabbing a coffee. Tisdale was seen out and about with her boyfriend, Scott Speer, on Sunday shopping at a local Trader Joe's. And just yesterday, Tisdale had a visit from BFF, Vanessa Hudgens, at her home in Toluca Lake.

The pair I have my eye on

ALDO - Lash Boot

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  1. LOVE these. I got a pair of lace up combat boots from Forever 21. I wear them almost everyday!


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