Feb 10, 2011

Favorite Beauty Buys for Cold Weather

With all this snow and really cold weather lately, my skin is taking a HUGE hit. I have slightly dry skin as it is, so this time of year I really amp up my beauty regimen to make sure I keep my skin healthy and smooth.  So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite beauty buys.  Some of them are new to me, and some I have been using for years. Hopefully this weather gets warmer soon. I am ready for a tan and static-free hair!

Sarah Happ Lip Scrub and Lip Slip
Both of these are LIFESAVERS this time of year.  Her lip scrub helps renew your lips and smells/tastes delicious.  The lip slip is a great gloss/lip balm that smells wonderful too and really keeps your lips moisturized.  I use it at night and wake up with smooth, soft lips.  If you live in NWA, Glo carries her products.  You can also check out her website to find a store near you that carries her amazing products.  This is something that will always be a staple in my beauty bag.

  BODY Super Supreme Body Butter
Sephora Body Butter
I have used this product for years.  I have always had a problem with bouts of dry skin, and this smells wonderful.  Is really moisturizing but not greasy or oily.  They also have a hand cream too, but I have yet to try that.  It is $25 for a 13.5 oz jar, but it lasts a long time. 

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash
This is a great inexpensive body wash that doesn't dry out your skin.  I love Dove products. I have tried so many different brands, but keep coming back to this.  I also like it because it isn't scented, so it won't clash or compete with my perfume or body lotion. 

Kerestase Masquintense Conditioner
This conditioner is a bit expensive, but to me, worth it.  It is a great deep conditioner and helps keep your hair shiny and healthy especially in this dry air.  I use just a little bit on my ends everyday, and at least once a week, use a bit more on my hair from about my ears down to help moisturize and restore my hair.  It also helps keep my hair from going static crazy.  You can get this a some salons, the Kerestase website, and Drugstore.com.

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 Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream
Probably the worst part about the cold months is how dry my hands get. No matter how many manicures I get or how much paraffin wax I use, my hands succumb to cracking and drying.  I found this lotion on one of my trips to Sephora, and love it! I carry one with me all the time, and have one in my desk at work.  It smells wonderful and really helps keep my hands from drying and feeling like paper.  All of Bliss' lotions smell wonderful, so any one you choose will be good. This one is by far my favorite.  It's not greasy, and you immediately feel the results.

Essie Cuticle Pen 1.7G
Essie Cuticle Pen
This is a lifesaver for your cuticles, and also for extending the freshness of your manicure. I carry this in my purse and try to use it every day.  It lasts through several hand washes and keeps my cuticle from drying and ripping.  You can find cuticle oil just about anywhere.  I just prefer the pen, since it's easier for portability and travel. 

Another great thing to help with the dryness of winter months is drinking lots of water.  I am really bad about not drinking enough water.  I am sure I would probably have less problems with dryness if I would just down more water.  And I am working on that, it's just that I forget to drink during the day.  I'm busy at work and don't really think about my water intake.  But that is slowly changing.  I am determined to drink more water.

Hope these were some helpful options to help with winter weather.  I'm hoping that it's not here for much longer.  I use these products throughout the year, but find myself going to them a lot more this time of year.  Happy Thursday! See y'all back here tomorrow.


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