Feb 8, 2011

I Heart Zara

So I was perusing the Internet yesterday looking for some things to brighten my mood, since it was snowy, gloomy, and cloudy for most of last week. I went to Zara's website to see what new things they had and came across some lovelies that I really think my closet needs!! No such luck being able to order online. But nevertheless, here are some of my favorites.

Leopard Dress - $100

Studio Silk Top - $100

Printed Voile Blouse - $40

Patent Ballerina - $30

Leopard Ankle Booties - $140

Large Clutch Bag - $109

Wide Leather Belt - $60

Trousers - $90

Partridge Eye Blazer - $80

1 comment

  1. Oh, I so wish that I had a Zara close to me. I found it when I lived in Mexico a few years ago. I think the last one I went into was in Greece. I usually just browse it online. I'm a new follower-love your blog! Check mine out if you have a chance. www.hannahandbryan.blogspot.com



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