Mar 30, 2011

Denim on Denim

Several years ago, when I would see someone wearing denim jeans with a denim shirt or jacket, I would automatically think it was a fashion tragedy. Well, welcome to the 2011 where pairing denim with denim is not a tragedy but instead fashionable. Though I have mostly seen it with winter fashion, this trend can be seen and worn throughout the year. Below are a few examples of how to wear denim together. The key is to not pair the same hues together. You don't want to look like one big piece of denim. The best way to pull of pairing it together is to combine two different shades together. It comes off looking classy, trendy, and a little more sophisticated.


Stockholm Street Style


Marie Claire


1 comment

  1. It looks great in these pics, but there is no way I could pull off denim on denim. I do like the look of it though. Be sure to stop by this week and check out my giveaways.


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