Mar 3, 2011

I might be in trouble. . .

I have just realized that I know my credit card number by heart. . .  This is sooooo not good. With our trip to NYC coming up in a couple of months, I HAVE to make myself walk away from so many purchases. I know it will all be worth it when I get there, but the time before then is going to kill me. Well, not really, that was a little dramatic, but I have a problem with impulsive shopping. I have little willpower when it comes to anything fashion related. So I guess this conscious awareness that I should not shop or buy is a good thing? That I am teaching myself a lesson? Control, restraint, want vs need?

Here are a few things I have on my spring purchase list to hopefully grab while in the city. I just hope I don't blow the savings account before I get there.

hoping this is my birthday present from my husband


I am really trying to make an effort to add color in my wardrobe. There are alot of neutrals here, but there are few things that are brighter. Hopefully I will come back with more brights than neutrals. Brighter clothes always put me in a better mood.


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