Mar 16, 2011

Perfect Pout

I'm taking a turn into beauty world today. I have been somewhat mildly obsessed with trying new lipsticks/glosses lately. If you know me, you know all to well that I am more of your chapstick only type. Before this recent venture into lip color obsession, the last time I wore a color other than nude on my lips was my wedding in 2007. It was Chanel Rouge Double Intensite' Ruby Lite, in and it was because my mother made me so that my lips would show up in pictures. I have a ton of lipsticks and glosses but have never really gotten into using them. But after looking through all my magazines the past several months, I have noticed a trend in pout fashion. Bold and Bright are trends this Spring, and I am the first to tell you that I am falling victim to this bright pop of color trend. Orange is one of my favorite colors, so of course I have gotten a few of the orange hues that are out right now. I haven't ventured into buying more expensive brands just yet. I am trying out the cheaper ones first, in case I relapse and fall back into my nude comfort zone. Below are some of the ones I have tried and some I am thinking about purchasing. I will say that I have been pretty pleased with the drugstore brands.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Flame
I actually wear this to work just about every day. It has a lip balm at the other end to keep the stain from drying out your lips.

Revlon Orange Flip
I saw this over on Cupcakes and Cashmere and thought I would give it a try. It was on sale at a local drugstore, so I what better time to try it. It is bright, and really orange. I am not sure being a brunette I will be able to pull this off, but I am going to try it later on when it's actually summer and see if I can still get away with it.

MAC Sheen Supreme in New Temptation
This is rich pink shade. It is more glossy and less like a lipstick. It does dry your lips a bit, but using lip balm or a lip scrub can help with that.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensite' in Ruby Lite
This is the color I wore for my wedding. It is has a color stain on one end and a clear shiny gloss on the other. It is bright ladies, just to warn you. But it is perfect for spring and summer. I have started using this again. It definitely stays on your lips. And you will need to reapply the gloss often to keep your lips moisturized. 

Nars Heat Wave
This is one I plan on purchasing. I have Medium/Olive skin tone and have been told that this color is perfect for my complexion.

What are your go-to lips colors? Is there one I need to get my hands on?

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  1. Just bought Nars heat wave last week!! I love it!


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