Mar 29, 2011

Summer Staple

With spring just around the corner (hopefully), I have started slowly bringing down my spring/summer wardrobe and moving out my winter clothes.  For some reason I really enjoy the change of seasons. It's fun to see what clothes you have from the previous season and it makes me excited to wear them again. I usually forget things I have bought, so it's like Christmas all over again. I go through all the clothes and keep things I know I will wear again, and get rid of the things that I know I probably won't wear. I also make a list of the things that I want to buy for that season. It usually takes me a whole day or weekend depending on how in depth I get. I brought my spring/summer clothes down last week and got them all out and washed them and sorted them. As I was going through the bins, I realized that I have an insane amount of maxi dresses. I mean, 9 out of 10 pieces I pulled out were maxi dresses. I love them, they are perfect for work, play, nights out, etc. They are also great for warmer weather. It gets pretty hot here, so wearing pants or jeans is usually out of the question. I did have to part with some of them, but as I have been making my shopping list for this spring, I have come across several that I want to add to my wardrobe. Am I the only person who has this big of an obsession with Maxi Dresses? My goal this season is to incorporate other items into my wardrobe besides only maxi dresses. But I will forever be a loyal maxi wearer.


Michael Stars Sleeveless Halter Maxi Dress


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