Jul 25, 2011

Best Fall Foot Forward

Over the weekend I did a little closet reorganization and have come to the harsh realization that my Fall wardrobe is far better and than my summer. Which only reiterated that I love fall fashion more than anything. While I was reorganizing I realized that although I have a fairly nice Fall wardrobe, my shoe selection for Fall is pitiful! I have shoes that I have worn for years, shoes that look like I have taken a serrated knife to the heels, and shoes that the cobbler has put more new soles and heels on than I care to count. So, guess what just jumped to the top of the purchase list for Fall? Yep, Shoes!!! Booties, boots, wedges, oxfords, you name it, it's going on the list. While perusing Piperlime.com this weekend, I found some that I think will be great additions to my closet. What do you think?

The Menswear trend is going to be in this Fall, so here are some great choices for Fall.  I also think some of these styles are classic and will be around for a while. So if the price tag is a little up there, just think about how much you will wear them. If you are going to wear them just about everyday, then the price may be worth it.

Animal prints are still going to be in for fall. If you are someone who has to wear black, grey, or brown to work most days, wearing shoes that are a print or pattern makes the outfit more your own. They will definitely add some color to your monochromatic wardrobe. 

My FAVE!!! 


I am in need of some updated lower style boots. The "shootie" is another great trend and a popular one for Fall.  It sits a little lower on your ankle than other styles. I love these with skirts, leggings, and skinny jeans. They accentuate your legs and make any outfit complete. You can also wear these with your trouser pants/jeans as well. 

The "hiking" boot is also coming back this Fall. I did not try this last season, and I am not sure if I will this season. I think they are really cute, I just have to prioritize my wants, and sadly this falls to other more necessary styles. But if you are looking for a fun, funky, new boot for fall, this style would be a one to try.

If you all remember this post I did back in January, you will remember my indecisiveness on purchasing combat style boots. Well, they are on sale at Aldo, but in limited sizes, and not in mine! I have decided I am purchasing this style for fall. I think it will be fun to add them to more classic, romantic styles. Mixing styles together is really fun, and a creative way to expand your wardrobe. 

Hopefully with all these choices, I can find a few pairs to add to my closet. Now, I just need to narrow down which ones to purchase. This is going to be tough!

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