Jul 1, 2011

"The whole top diamond and the bottom Row's (Rose) Gold"...

I don't know why but that old Nelly song comes to mind when I think about my new watch. Back in this post, I told you all I was thinking about getting a new Michael Kors Watch. And that I really wanted the Rose Gold version, but was skeptical since it has been labeled as trendy or of the moment and not classic. Well, last week my old Michael Kors could not be fixed anymore, and the nice lady at the department store it was purchased at gave me store credit for the full price of that watch and of course I used it to get a new one. But I was left with a huge decision, which watch do I get to replace my old one? There were so many options, but I kept coming back to the Rose gold and ultimately decided on that one. Let me tell you, I am so happy I did. She is beautiful and I have gotten so many compliments. It's not too over the top and I feel like this watch won't go out of style. I also like the metal versions a little better. I had the "Horn" watch before, but I feel like the metal watches will last longer and are stronger. So if you are one considering a rose gold watch, or just rose gold in general, go for it! You won't be disappointed! It's a good change from yellow gold.

Here is the one I went with. I also posted a few other Rose Gold options depending on your taste or how much bling you can handle.

Michael Kors 'Bel Aire' Crystal Bezel Chronograph Watch

Have a great holiday weekend, Lovelies!! See you back here next week! XOXO


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