Aug 31, 2011

Michael Kors Fall 2011

Ever since my first episode of Project Runway, I have been obsessed with Michael Kors. I knew who he was before the show, but once I got to see his personality, I instantly felt like he could be my best friend. He is very down to earth and relatable. From that point on I have always looked to him for fashion trends and classic looks. As you all know, I tend to stick to the classic, clean line look. And Michael Kors is just that. His fall collection is to DIE FOR! I am currently obsessing over these lovelies!


Aug 30, 2011

Call those Hogs!

Well Folks, it's that time of year again! Razorback Football Season is set to begin this Saturday!! It's really bittersweet for me. You see, since I moved to Fayetteville 8 years ago, I have been to every Razorback home football game. I have tailgated at just about every one of those games too. This game is going to be a sentimental one. It is a non-conference game, and I am sure we will come out with a win, and this may be a no big deal game to everyone else, but for me, it's my first and last game of this season. I will be moving next week, and therefore will not be at any of the other football games this fall. Now, I know what you are thinking, I made this choice to move, and this is just one of the things I am giving up in order to follow my dreams and conquer my goals. And you would be right, but that still doesn't make it any easier. I will miss my family coming to stay with me just about every weekend, tailgating with my fabulous friends, calling the hogs throughout the games, and singing O Lord It's Hard To Be Humble after every victory. I am well aware that NYC has a bar that shows every Razorback football game, and I will get to go there and cheer on my hogs with the rest of my new Arkansas/NYC family. But it still is a little tough to swallow. I think this is all starting to hit me, that I am really moving. We have talked about it for months and it just seemed so far away. Not it is a week away, and although I am more excited about this venture than I have been about anything in my life, I am starting to realize what I am leaving behind and what I will be missing. I know this isn't my last Razorback game ever, and I will see my friends and family again, I just get a little sentimental sometimes about good ole small town USA.

Here are some outfits I put together that would be great for a Razorback Game. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 80's, which is a lot cooler than we have had in a while. Hope to see you all at the game. GO HOGS!!! XO

Razorback Games

Old Navy polka dot top
$18 -

All Saints oversized top
$65 -

J Brand denim skinny jeans
$176 -

Stripe skirt
€27 -

True Religion bootcut jeans
$230 -

Tory Burch flat shoes
£175 -

TOMS black shoes
$69 -

ASOS t strap shoes
$42 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors buckle bag
$178 -

Rebecca Minkoff clutch handbag
$330 -

Color craze dangling jewelry
$9.99 -

Kendra Scott 14 karat gold jewelry
$60 -

Primadina 18 karat gold jewelry
$175 -


Aug 29, 2011

These boots are made for walkin'

Good Monday Morning, Lovelies! I hope everyone had a good weekend! I packed and packed and packed until I just literally couldn't look at one more thing to send to my apartment. I also kept up with hurricane Irene most of the weekend too. It seemed to weaken and not cause as much damage to NYC as expected. But there were some casualties in other states. Mother nature can be a real beast sometimes.

Sunday I spent the day relaxing and flipping through my latest batch of September issues. Unfortunately my shopping list just keeps getting longer and longer. In the fall/winter I am a boot/bootie girl all the way. I wear some style of boot literally everyday. My collection is rapidly growing, and this seasons styles are making it even harder to curb my shopping. Below are some of my favorites for this season. If you are in need of some boots, I suggest you go ahead and grab them, because in about 3 weeks, you will start to see them thin out as everyone will be getting theirs. So beat them to the punch and get them now!!

Rachel Zoe - OBSESSED with these!


Aug 26, 2011

You had me @DKNY

If you aren't on twitter or into fashion, then you probably haven't heard of a little gem named DKNY PR Girl. You can find her on twitter @dkny. Let me tell you, she is the best thing to happen to social media since sliced bread (corny but true, trust.) She is your go-to girl for all things PR, Fashion, and life related. Her blog is beyond amazing. It has everything from great industry tips and tricks of the trade, to hilarious e-mails and requests she gets on a daily basis. Even if you aren't a fashion obsessed girl like me, you will still find her relatable and very informative. Her blog is the first thing I look at when I fire up my computer in the morning. It's just so inspiring and motivating that I feel like I can take on the day and conquer anything. You may find me dramatic and a little over the top, and that's fine. But in good conscience, I could not let you all go on any longer without at least sharing her with you all.

While we are on the subject of DKNY, I have found several (ok, lots) of pieces from the fall collection that I cannot stop thinking about. Below are some of my favorites for this season. I am definitely going to stop by their store during FNO to see these fabulous pieces in person.

Notch Collar Cape - This is EVERYTHING!

Pleated Color Block Dress

Sexy Flare Let Pant

Luster Calf Large Ew Tote

Antique Calf Top Handle bag

Turtleneck Pullover with Button Detail

Mary Oxford Bootie

You can find all these fabulous pieces and more on their website. DKNY

Have a great weekend, Lovelies!! XO
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