Aug 17, 2011

Walking in Wednesday

I consider some shoes works of art. There are some that are just too gorgeous and well made to take a chance on some passer-by stepping on them. If I ever bought such a pair, they would stay safe on display in my closet. For this reason, I choose to invest in handbags instead of shoes. I would literally go after someone who stepped on my $500+ shoes! Nevertheless, I still like to peruse websites and look for said gorgeous shoes. I stumbled across Charlotte Olympia a while ago, and am now slightly obsessed with her shoes. She is wickedly talented and her shoes prove just that. Each style is unique and has such detail that they literally speak for themselves. These are definitely the kind of shoes you wear to stand out and make a statement. She mixes old glamour and femininity into each style, for a one of a kind design. Below are a few of my favorites from her Fall collection. These are no where near my price range, but I still obsess over them from time to time.


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Alice Siamese


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