Aug 10, 2011

Well Lacquered for Fall

This is the time of year when I stock up on my fall polishes. I love dark polish more than any other color. I switched from summer colors to my go to fall hues last month! I'm serious when I tell you all that I am ready for fall! The nail polish trends for fall are pretty similar to years past, with the exception of more shimmer and iridescent hues this season. Chanel has three that are fabulous. I have tried the Peridot color and love it. I can't wait to try the shimmery graphite! Below are colors I picked from my favorite brands fall selections. I seriously had a hard time narrowing it down to one just polish from each to show you all.

Carry On

Single Ladies




Road House Blues
(tried this yesterday, and am OBSESSED!)

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  1. this is my favorite part of fall! (Besides the cool weather!)

    New follower :)


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