Sep 15, 2011

Cynthia Rowley "Glambulance" Fashion Week S/S 2012

Before heading into the tents Friday night, I stopped by the Cynthia Rowley "Glambulance" to see what it was all about. If you aren't familiar with the Glambulance, check out this previous post on I Heart Heels to get filled in. Cynthia's team was sweet enough to let us borrow a flip cam to use the night of their show, YAY! So with this fabulous little camera, I decided I would get some coverage of what was happening at the glambulance. There was a line at least 20 people deep waiting for complimentary makeup application, or to have their hair re-styled before going back to more fabulous shows. They had lots of products available for you to take home with you. From neosporan, Cynthia Rowley designed Band-Aid 's, blister balm, blotting pads, travel mirror, and several other fashion "emergency" products we might need throughout the day. Check out the video I shot on the flip cam. I am seriously thinking about purchasing one of these little gems. It is the perfect size and is super easy to use (which is always helpful when you are trying to do 10 things at once during fashion week.)

image from I Heart Heels

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