Sep 9, 2011

Fashion's Night Out - NYC

Last night was Fashion's Night Out, and let me tell you, it was ah-mazing! I started the night off at Samantha Thavasa, where I got to meet Tinsley Mortimer! Y’all, she is the sweetest most down to earth girl you will ever meet. She is also a fellow southern girl, so we had quite a lot in common, and lots of things to talk about. We talked about her fabulous fall handbag collection, some upcoming projects she has in the works, boys, NYC, and fashion among other things. It was really nice to talk to her and the Samantha Thavasa sales team about their handbag and accessory collections. They were kind enough to let me take pictures of some of my favorite bags. That was the hard part, there were so many fabulous bags, that I could have taken pictures of every one. Tinsley’s collection will be in the Madison Ave. store in October. They do not have price points yet, but as soon as I am able to go check them out again and get that information, I will let you all know. You definitely want to check these bags out.

When talking to Tinsley, she said for this collection she wanted to go with a more ladylike, structured design. So what you will see from this collection is something maybe your mother or Jackie Kennedy would have carried in the 70’s. They are feminine, classic, and to me, bags that are timeless. The materials she used were faux leather and animal print. But don't let that turn you away from these bags. They do not feel nor do they look like lesser quality bags. I am serious when I say that I want every bag from this collection. I plan on purchasing the small red chain bag, it's perfect for nights out with fabulous friends.

My FAVE from her collection!

I was a sweaty mess, so please excuse the horrible pic of me! Ugh!

After chatting with the ladies at Samantha Thavasa, I headed to the new flagship Tory Burch Store. I DIE!! It was absolutely gorgeous. And all the sales people were really helpful. I ended up purchasing a small wallet (trying to downsize everything I carry on a daily basis), and if you spent a certain amount last night you received a Tory Burch Fashion’s Night Out tote. And it's just as fabulous as the wallet. I can't wait to carry it! If you are ever in NYC, I would highly recommend going and checking out the store. It is just as you would imagine her store to be. Classic, clean lined, and of course filled with her signature orange and navy. She went full out with this store and it shows. I am sure I will visit that store again soon! She did an absolute amazing job!

Continuing down Madison Avenue, I stopped in Michael Kors, then headed to DKNY. Boy do they know how to throw a party. Popcorn and Beer were served as you walked in. There was a DJ playing some great music. DKNY employees were taking your picture, and everyone was in a great mood. I finally found the tights I have been waiting to purchase August. And bought a FNO T-shirt as well. After spending what little budget I had, I decided to call it quits and head back home. I came back to all my furniture assembled and my bed ready for a much needed nights sleep. Mom and I grabbed some dinner and then came back and crashed. I will tell you, the last three nights we haven’t gone to bed until well after midnight and are up by 7:30, and I have managed to survive. We will see how well I am feeling this time next week.

Here are the "sussies" I purchased last night. I am already using the wallet, obvs! I can't wait to wear the others.

I will be covering several of the shows over the next week for I Heart Heels, and will also cover it here on SBF. Check back here tomorrow for tonight's shows. Have a great weekend!! xo


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