Sep 9, 2011

I'm still here!



Good Afternoon and Happy Friday!!! I am just about settled into my apartment, and boy was it a lot of work! It is ALOT easier getting things done back home, I have to say. Wednesday we headed to Ikea, The Container Store, and a Bed Bath and Beyond. We started about 10am and literally didn't get home until 11pm! Travel time and not having a car makes errands and just getting around the city a little harder. But I now have a bed, wardrobes for my clothes, a tv (yes, I can't live without my reality tv shows), and I am making a stop sometime today to grab dishes, glasses, etc at Crate and Barrel. Besides the weather the first two days I was here, things have been great! Thank goodness my mom came with me. There was/is so much to do that there was no way I could have done it all in this short amount of time by myself. So while I am off enjoying Fashion Week, she is putting my apartment together! Such a sweet women, she is!!

Have Great Weekend!! xo


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