Sep 7, 2011

Shop Zara - Now Online!

Today is the day! You can now shop online at ZARA!!! This is HUGE! As you all know, I have a slight obsession with this company. They have great clothes, with a great price point, and they are always on point with the trends for each season. So in your spare time today, go check out their online store and see what I have been raving about for so long. If you buy anything, I would love to know!! Since I am furnishing an apartment, most of my disposable income is going towards things for that, instead of my long list of fall clothes and accessories I am DYING to purchase. So I am going to live vicariously through you! Happy Wednesday!! XO

Here are some of my favorite recent ZARA purchases


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  1. Hey girl! Hope the move was painless (HA, with your shoe and clothes collection i'm sure it was tough!). Make sure to update me on how things are going!


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