Oct 7, 2011

I WON a Tinsley Mortimer for Samantha Thavasa Clutch!

First off, Happy Happy Friday!!! We made it! It's the weekend, baby! I don't know about you, but I am ready for a few days off. I have jumped into my new job and am busy, but that's exactly what I wanted! I am loving it so far and am very lucky to have landed such a great opportunity.

So several weeks ago, when I attended FNO at the Madison Avenue Samantha Thavasa store, I entered to win a Tinsley Mortimer for Samantha Thavasa clutch. We had no idea which bag we were registering for but I knew no matter which bag they were giving away, it would be fabulous. And I was right! The very next day, I got a phone from the sweet ladies at the store telling me that I had won! ME!! We all know that my biggest obsession in life is handbags! So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out I WON one! With my shoestring budget as of late, it was great to add a fabulous new bag to my collection without having to skip dinner for a few nights. The pics don't do it justice! It is the Palm Beach clutch, and has perforated leather in a rich yummy yellow. Yellow is one of my absolute favorite colors, so I will get plenty of use out of this bag. Thanks to the ladies at the ST store and Tinsley for hosting such a fabulous FNO event. I hope to see you all again next time. xo

Have a Great Weekend! I plan on getting out and enjoying the fabulous weather and watching the Hogs whip up on Auburn!! WOO PIG SOOIE


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  1. wow...congrats on winning!!! that bad is AMAZING!!! def wish i had something like that! and i am loving the color!! new follower :-)



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