Nov 17, 2011

A brand you need to know: Joe Fresh

I am always on the look out for new and reasonably priced stores and clothing lines. Living in NYC, you come across a store on every block you haven't heard of, some with horrible fashion, and others that have some great clothing. Joe Fresh is a Canadian brand that is slowly making its way into US markets. Started by Joe Mimran, who launched Club Monaco, Joe Fresh offers affordable fashion while still making good quality garments. They have several stores in the city, and will soon open their flagship store on 5th ave (directly next to where I work, which could be trouble.) They have some fabulous sweaters, shoes, and dresses. I have already started a wish list, and plan to purchase some sweaters to help my pitiful collection. That is one thing I do not have enough of, and will desperately need once the winter weather gets here. Check out the website. You can't order online, but you can make a wish list to take with you to the nearest store.


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