Jan 16, 2012


Happy Monday, Lovelies!! I am sure some of you have the pleasure of being off today!! Well, enjoy it for me! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. It was a little chilly here and I think I got a little taste of what I am in for in the weeks to come. And it's not pretty! Literally one minute after going outside my eyes are watering so bad from the wind, my face is as red as a stop sign and my fingers are frozen! AHH, why did I want to move here?? Just kidding, that I the price I will have to pay to live in this amazing city! I am sure I will live. . . although not without complaining, that's for sure. I am in the process of "sprucing" up my apartment. I guess you can call it winter weather nesting. But I am itching to give this place a more "home" feel. So I am constantly looking for ideas and decor to add to my list.

It's no secret that I am MAD for patterns! I am contemplating adding a several to my apartment, I love them so much. But, if I had to choose one that I love more than the others, it would have to be a great Chevron print. There is just something clean, classic, and bold about this design, and frankly I can't get enough of it! I am even contemplating painting one of my walls in this pattern. Am I crazy? Do you all love Chevron as much as me?


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  1. A chevron freak here! U r not alone! Love all the samples shown here :) Wish my country has more chevron tho...


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