Jan 10, 2012

Gap Fit

One of my new years resolutions is to treat myself better. By that I mean, eat a little healthier, exercise, and put my health and self first. I am back to my healthy eating, and am starting my exercise routine this week. I am going to try out a class called Figure 4. If you haven't heard of it, check it out! It mixes ballet barre work with strength training and cardio. Having danced for over 20 years, this class stood out to me and I am excited to give it a try. Nothing gets you in better shape than ballet barre work! Seriously! There is another class along the same lines called the Barre Method. If they are in your area, definitely try them out.

So you all remember me telling you that when I moved here, I just moved my clothes, and just the clothes I needed immediately and my winter wardrobe. I wasn't even thinking about my workout clothes being something I had to have (sad, I know) So, until my sweet mother can go back to my house and get them for me, I had to go find something to work in the meantime. As great as I have heard Lululemon is, I am just not workout obsessed enough to pay that much for workout clothes. On my lunch break one day I walked past a Gap and noticed they had a sticker on their window promoting their new active wear line "Gap Fit" So I went in and checked it out, and I LOVE IT! I just started out with a couple pair of their leggings, a few tanks and a jacket and couldn't be happier!

gFast Leggings

gFast Colorblock

Half Zip jacket
LOVE that this has thumb holes, so your sleeves won't ride up!

I cannot wait to try out my class this week. And I know I will be ready with all my new workout gear. If you are in need of some new duds and don't want to spend a fortune, check out this new line!!

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