Mar 30, 2012

My Chat with Stuart Weitzman and Leandra Medine (Man Repeller)

Wednesday night, thanks to I Heart Heels, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stuart Weitzman and Leandra Medine (the rad chick behind Man Repeller.)

As you can imagine, any shoe-obsessed girl in her right mind would kill for the opportunity to get to chat one-on-one with Stuart Weitzman and Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller). I had so much fun getting to know the faces behind their popular brands - the entire event was such a fun experience! (hello, Solange Knowles even DJed!) Put fabulous women around a bunch of amazing shoes, and what do you expect, right? 

I was surrounded by peep-toes, sky-high heels, wedges and colorful flats! What's a girl to do? Purchase a pair, of course! As Solange spun tunes, and wine and cocktails were passed around, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Trying on several pairs of spring's must-have designs, I ended up going with a fabulous pair of mint-green (SW labels the color "salad") and silver cap toe pumps (called the "Capsize"). EEK! The same style both Solange and Leandra (in pink) wore to the event (see above!). If you want a sexy, comfortable and affordable investment shoe, you need to get to Stuart Weitzman quick! As warmer weather approaches (thank goodness), these gorgeous shoes may be out of stock - or out of reach! 

Me with Leandra

Me with Stuart

These are the gorgeous shoes I came home with! Love them!

                     Head over to I Heart Heels to check out the interview!

Mar 29, 2012

Sequence Trunk Show at Poppy Boutique

Getting to visit with friends, enjoy a little sangria, and check out the new Sequence collection was just the thing I needed last Thursday evening. Thanks to I Heart Heels, I was able to indulge in some of the fun! Poppy, a local Manhattan boutique, which you just HAVE to check out if you're ever in the area, hosted the event. The designer of Sequence, Ariela Suster, was on hand to explain the story behind her line and all her gorgeous handmade pieces. 

I'll admit, shoes (obvi) and bags are my first go-to when shopping, but this night, I was all about the jewelry! Ariela had previously worked in the fashion industry as a fashion editor for several magazines (including IHH favorite, InStyle!), and just recently decided to step into another role, designer. She wanted to bring some of her El Salvadorian roots to the fashion world, while also helping to support her native country. 

Each piece is handmade by men and women in El Salvador. The fabrics are intricately spun from giant looms one hand-threaded strand at a time. The fabrics are hand-dyed, and then woven by hand on looms. Amazing, right? Ariela wanted to keep this old tradition alive and so this line of jewelry and handbags was created. No piece in her collection is the same.

I spent a good 20 minutes pining over all the necklaces and bracelets, and finally decided on "The Knot Bracelet," shown just below. Proceeds from this bracelet will go to the "Spread the Light & Love Project," which benefits youth in at-risk communities in El Salvador. What a great cause and reason to splurge on jewelry, right? I was skipping in my heels all the way to the register. It's neon, funky and will be the perfect accessory to all my summer outfits. If you aren't familiar with this line, I would definitely check out her website,

This chicster is definitely on to something. What girl doesn't want something unique, handmade and sets her apart from everyone else? 
You can tell by this sign, just how cute this store is!

The Fab Bracelet I picked up
The necklaces were to die for!

She also has some gorgeous handbags!

Mar 26, 2012

Reunited, well almost, and it feels so good. . .

Happy Monday, Lovelies!! I am stepping away from fashion for today to get a little personal. Fashion will resume after this, I promise! So, as most of you know, I moved to NYC last September without my best friend and furry companion. When I decided to move here, after much thought and planning, I decided I should get here and get acquainted with the city before I brought him here to live with me. Well, over the last week, I have made all the plans to get my baby boy up here with me!! That's right, Benny will be moving up here in June!!! Three short months from now, he will call the Big Apple his home. I thought long and hard about whether or not to move him up here. It seems that just about every week, I would go back and forth about my decision. He's been living the good life at "Camp Kleinhenz" back in Arkansas. He is rarely "locked up",gets to run around the house with my parents dog Isabella all day long, and they go outside and explore (ie, look for cats) as often as my mother will let them. Moving here will be vastly different for him. He will be living in a space smaller than the size of my parents bedroom, will be alone for most of the day, and as far as his own backyard, well that's not an option. But, on the other hand, Benny is my dog, we have been through thick and thin together and I love that little boy more than anything! Some pluses for him moving here; He gets the biggest back yard any dog would die to have in Central Park. There are dog parks in every neighborhood where he can meet new friends, he will have his own little "room" in my apartment, and he gets to come back and live with him momma! We will be able to get out and explore the city together. And where else can he wear all his fabulous clothes and not be judged!? I know it will take some getting used to on both our parts, as I am used to just leaving work and heading out wherever I need to go, but I really think it's time for us to be reunited. Here's hoping that he loves it and is as excited as I am once he gets here! If any of you have pets, you know how much they mean to you and how much you miss them when they aren't with you. As much as I like my freedom and being able to just up and go where ever I want, whenever I want, I was the one who decided to adopt Benny, and I don't regret that one bit! He is my responsibility and I need to be the one taking care of him. Plus it's nice to come home to a dog who is so happy to see you they can't stop jumping on you and begging for attention. :)

Have a great Monday! xo


Mar 19, 2012

Bring on the Color

Happy Monday, Lovelies!! It's back to the grind this morning. I had a fabulous weekend. The weather in NYC was absolutely gorgeous and this week is supposed to be the same. There is just something about warm sunny days that put me in such a good mood!

I started a new job a few weeks ago, and it's a little more dressier than what I have had to wear in the past, so I am in the process of adding more grown up and corporate pieces to my wardrobe. I guess this was bound to happen at some point, right? I actually don't mind having to dress nice everyday. I think when you dress up and put forth the effort, you feel better about yourself and therefore are in a better mood. Or at least that's how I feel about things! Below are some of the pieces I have added to my closet lately. As most of you know, my wardrobe tends to be on the more black and grey side, so I have made a conscious effort to add some color to my life. And I think I have created a monster! I now am going for color more often than not. I think I have a blue/pink color blocking problem!!

Have a great start to the week! xo

Ann Taylor dress and cardi. Forever 21 scarf

Zara flower pants, H&M pink crop pants, Elie Tahari Orange crop pants, 
& Ann Taylor Blue crop pants.

Ann Taylor dress

Art Deco Jewels from Ann Taylor

H&M polka-dot top, Banana Republic Cardigan, Ann Taylor Pants

H&M Pants, Zara Top


Mar 12, 2012

UGG Australia Spring Launch - You HAVE to check out these styles!

I admit it! I LOVE my UGG Australia boots (aka UGGs) in the winter. Nothing keeps my feet warmer than my UGG slippers or my UGG tall boots. I could wear them every day, but that would be a little over the top considering my work is a little dressier than that. (I can still daydream about it though, right?!) 

Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to go check out UGG Australia's new spring 2012 lines. On the Gramercy Park Hotel terrace (yes, swank!), guests were treated to live music, yummy cocktails and footwear for everyone! First of all, the terrace is unbelievable. The exposed lightbulb ceiling when you first walk in is breathtaking, and the views of the city are what everyone dreams of having out their very own window. I have to say, I was really looking forward to seeing what they would have for spring. 

When I think of UGG, I typically think of them as a cold-weather shoe brand, and was really interested in what they would offer for warmer weather. Well, my fabulous fashionistas, you can definitely count on them to have some amazing shoes for us this spring! And I must tell you, I just can't wait to get my pedicured toes in them! From colorful espadrilles (the spring women's collection is inspired by the "California Dream" with lots of bright colors and prints!) to leather clogs, your summer sundresses and skinny jeans will thank you for pairing them with such fun and stylish kicks! 

And you won't believe this addition. The higher-end UGG Collection ($350-995) flaunts four different heel heights ranging from 1 1⁄4 inch to 5 inch, including sculpted heels made from Palissandro Santos, a beautiful and richly veined rosewood most often used in guitar making. The foot beds are wrapped in exotic skins with hand-stitched midsoles inspired by modern furniture design. All hardware is specially sourced in Italy and debuts a new and exclusive black oro finish. Can you say oooooh la la?

Shoes aren't the only thing in this collection, though. There are some gorgeous bags and accessories, too! I'm a huge fan of scarves, and UGG has some great options for the warmer months. Plus, the small box clutch is everywhere for spring. I have several of these beauties on my wish list! Now, where are those warmer temperatures?? 

The ceiling at the Gramercy Park Hotel Terrace! How awesome is this? 

The clutch you need this spring! 

How cute would these be with colored skinnies? 

I'm DYING over theses peep toes! 

Scarves are also here for Spring! 

I can't leave out the new Men's collection!! Check out these stunners for the Man in your life! 


Mar 8, 2012

Jill Stuart F/W 2012 NYFW

Well Lovelies, this is the last Fashion Week post for Fall 2012. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what to expect next season. Start making your lists, you even can find some things on sale now!! 

Jill Stuart's collections are usually soft and demure. Well, she went in a totally different direction for Fall, and I can't wait for you all to see it! I Heart Heels has my recap. xo

image from


Mar 6, 2012

Herve Leger Fall/Winter 2012 NYFW

Making the bandage dress more versatile, Herve Leger puts a new spin on sexy! Check out some of the looks from the runway and the final walk. 

image from


Mar 5, 2012

Christian Siriano F/W 2012 NYFW

I adored Christian Siriano's Spring Collection back in September. So I was ecstatic when I was able to attend his Fall show this February. If you like something dark, classy and a little bit vampy, you will LOVE everything that came down the runway. And the shoes were just as mouth watering!! Check out I Heart Heels for the recap and video of the final walk. You will DIE!

photo from

Mar 2, 2012

L.A.M.B Fall/Winter 2012 - NYFW

It's Friday! YAHOO! I don't know about you all but I am ready for a few days off. I need some sleep, need to catch up on a huge stack of magazines and some blog posts. 

I have always thought Gwen Stefani was a great role model. She is confident, talented, and down to earth. When she debuted her first collection you could see her in all the looks. That is still the case seasons and collections later. Her Fall 2012 collection is fun, funky, and so her. Head over to I Heart Heels to see how you can mix the neon with plaids and prints. It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! xo

photo from

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