Mar 26, 2012

Reunited, well almost, and it feels so good. . .

Happy Monday, Lovelies!! I am stepping away from fashion for today to get a little personal. Fashion will resume after this, I promise! So, as most of you know, I moved to NYC last September without my best friend and furry companion. When I decided to move here, after much thought and planning, I decided I should get here and get acquainted with the city before I brought him here to live with me. Well, over the last week, I have made all the plans to get my baby boy up here with me!! That's right, Benny will be moving up here in June!!! Three short months from now, he will call the Big Apple his home. I thought long and hard about whether or not to move him up here. It seems that just about every week, I would go back and forth about my decision. He's been living the good life at "Camp Kleinhenz" back in Arkansas. He is rarely "locked up",gets to run around the house with my parents dog Isabella all day long, and they go outside and explore (ie, look for cats) as often as my mother will let them. Moving here will be vastly different for him. He will be living in a space smaller than the size of my parents bedroom, will be alone for most of the day, and as far as his own backyard, well that's not an option. But, on the other hand, Benny is my dog, we have been through thick and thin together and I love that little boy more than anything! Some pluses for him moving here; He gets the biggest back yard any dog would die to have in Central Park. There are dog parks in every neighborhood where he can meet new friends, he will have his own little "room" in my apartment, and he gets to come back and live with him momma! We will be able to get out and explore the city together. And where else can he wear all his fabulous clothes and not be judged!? I know it will take some getting used to on both our parts, as I am used to just leaving work and heading out wherever I need to go, but I really think it's time for us to be reunited. Here's hoping that he loves it and is as excited as I am once he gets here! If any of you have pets, you know how much they mean to you and how much you miss them when they aren't with you. As much as I like my freedom and being able to just up and go where ever I want, whenever I want, I was the one who decided to adopt Benny, and I don't regret that one bit! He is my responsibility and I need to be the one taking care of him. Plus it's nice to come home to a dog who is so happy to see you they can't stop jumping on you and begging for attention. :)

Have a great Monday! xo



  1. Aw that makes my heart smile! Yay for Benny moving to the Big Apple!

  2. Benny in the Big Apple...sounds like the title of the next best animal movie!


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