Jun 15, 2012

LOFT Concept Store

With summer in full effect, stores are pouring in brights, patterns and prints like it's nobody's business! Thanks to I Heart Heels, I had the fabulous chance to check out LOFT's new concept store in Rockefeller Center and am so excited to fill my closet with some summer staples and must haves. DJ Vida played popular hip-hop tunes while clients walked around to get the lowdown on what this store is all about and how it's different from other stores.

The idea behind the "concept" store is to give clients more of a boutique shopping experience. Sales associates are on hand to give one-on-one personal shopping help, or just advice on whether you need those colored capri jeans in both teal and pink. Shopping can be so overwhelming and tiring, with items just shoved on racks. With LOFT's new idea, clothes are on display and showcased instead of just crammed next to another pair of pants. Tables with shorts and shirts in bright hues are nicely displayed on long rectangle tables. Sandals and belts are also mixed in to help with outfit pairing. Sections are color-coordinated as well and grouped together to give you ideas on how to pair items together

They really have taken the guesswork out of shopping! For those who find shopping a chore or miserable (what?), you'll have a change of heart once you see the new layout at LOFT stores. And for those of us who think of shopping as important as breathing, you'll be able to shop even better than before. And who would have thought that was possible??

photos taken by saved by fashion

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