Jul 31, 2012

LOFT Holiday Preview!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, maybe not weather wise, but Tuesday evening at the LOFT Showroom, things were definitely jolly and bright! Balsam scented candles were burning and so many snow covered Christmas trees, you felt as if you were walking into a winter wonderland. I'm not going to lie, it really got me excited for some colder weather! I don't know about you girlie's, but the Holiday season is my favorite time of year. Getting together with friends and family, going to parties and getting to dress up in your favorite heels and celebrate the season. And I know just the place to get your closet ready for it! LOFT! Like I have said in previous posts, I am so impressed with LOFT and what they are coming up with each season. Hitting it out of the park EVERY time!

Color was everywhere! From satin ballet flats in a rainbow of colors, yellow lace capri pants, striped sweaters, and the gorgeous jewelery! LOFT has you set for any occasion. Who wouldn't love a cat printed shift dress or a tulle skirt? Sequins and Glitter? It was a fashionista's heaven! Printed pants were on just about every mannequin. Leopard, lace and brocade patterns are your go to style for this winter. Chunky sweaters with maxi skirts are back and look as chic and comfy as ever. Not only will you be buying everything in the store for yourself, there are so many great gift ideas for friends and family too. Statement necklaces, cashmere house slippers, glitter makeup bags, feather belts and luxe wraps and scarves. LOFT has everyone taken care of, so when you start making that Christmas list, make sure this is at the top of your list. I PROMISE you don't want to miss out on all these fabulous goodies! 

Darling satin flats in a rainbow of colors

Cat printed shift dress. 

Tulle and Sequins, yes please!! 

These will definitely keep you warm though out the holidays!

Yellow Lace pants should be on your must-have list!

How cozy does this outfit look?

Perfect gift ideas for any girl on your list. 

UM - How amazing are these shoes?!

Feathers are back but in fun and unexpected ways. Like this belt! LOVE!!

Leopard pants!!! I DIE! Definitely a staple for anyone this winter!

Thanks to I Heart Heels for the invite! xo

Jul 25, 2012

Navy Baby!

I have a new color obsession and I don't care who knows it! :) Lately I have been drawn to anything Navy (my last two handbag purchases have been navy!) I just think it's the perfect color to go with everything! It looks good dressed down and dressed up! Pair it with brown or black and you've got a fabulous color combo. I don't know why it's taken be so long to discover the fabulousness of Navy. So, jump on board (if you haven't already) with some of my favorites as of late.

Michael Kors Carryall 
(new purchase and I am obsessed)

Paige Denim Polka Dot Jeans

L.A.M.B. Heels

Topshop Peplum Dress

C. Wonder Studded Bangle


Jul 23, 2012

UGG Fall 2012 - First Look!

If it's even possible, I have fallen even more in love with UGG! Every season, they keep knocking it out of the park and surprising me with what designs they come up with next. Thursday, I had the fabulous opportunity to go check out their Fall 2012 Launch Party (thanks to I Heart Heels). Located at The Glasshouses, the event included live models wearing some of the fashions and shoe options they have for Fall. This was also the debut of the UGG Mens collection, so now your handsome men can look just as fabulous as you! The Drums were there for a special live performance, and nothing gets me more in the mood to shop than some feel good music! Right?!

The View from the Glasshouses looking downtown. Gorgeous!

Now, I know it's the middle of summer, but I am really starting to get excited about fall. And girlie's, you will too once you see what UGG has in store for us! EEK! Shoes, shoes and even more fabulous shoes. From an updated studded knee-high boot, to the more feminine and classic bootie, UGG has something for everyone, and I mean that literally. If you are a mixed shoe personality, like moi, then get over to UGG to snatch up shoes for all those different fashionistas you have. I seriously don't know where to start, I loved so many of the styles. Check them out for yourself, and start making your fall "must-have" list, because we all know at least one pair of UGG's HAS to be on there. 

Several new styles for Fall! LOVE!! 

Love this updated bootie with the braided top!

Um . . . How fabulous are these babies? Need ASAP! 

Fun new take on the clog, and I don't hate it one bit! 

New Men's Fall Collection. Lots of styles for the men in your life!

Jul 3, 2012

Put me in Coach

Most of you all know I have a slight obsession with handbags. That started as far back as I can remember. My first "nice" bag was from Coach. I remember seeing it in a catalog and saving my allowance for months to buy it. When I had the money, my dad and I sat down and he called and ordered it for me. I was in middle school at the time, and had never been so excited for something in my life.

My infatuation with Coach is still as strong as it was twenty some odd years ago. They make classic bags you can carry for years and work for day and night. I recently purchased the duffel bag in British Tan and it's slowly becoming my everyday bag. It's perfect for throwing all your daily essentials in, but it's even better for travel.

Below are some of my favorite styles I think you all should seriously check out if you are in the market for a new bag. You can't go wrong with any of these, and will have them for years to come.

Madison Satchel

Python Wristlet

Leather Willis

Shoulder Bag

Lindsey Tote


Jul 1, 2012

July: Change of things to come

It’s July 1st, how did this happen? This year is flying by and I’m barely hanging on! So much has happened over the last few months that I have been really lax on my blogging. Shame on  me, I know! But I have some really good reasons as to why: I started a new job in march, which is the most amazing place I have every worked. I just received a promotion, which makes me really happy (and my closet too! ), and have been out of town the last 5 out of 6 weekends seeing family, friends and just enjoying excaping from the city for a few days. Travel and chaos have finally slowed down, so that means a little more free time to focus on things I love. Starting this month, I am going to really push myself to get SBF back to what it once was. More posts about fashion and my obsession with everything fancy and fabulous.

Enjoy your Sunday! I will see y’all back here tomorrow! xo
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