Jul 31, 2012

LOFT Holiday Preview!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Well, maybe not weather wise, but Tuesday evening at the LOFT Showroom, things were definitely jolly and bright! Balsam scented candles were burning and so many snow covered Christmas trees, you felt as if you were walking into a winter wonderland. I'm not going to lie, it really got me excited for some colder weather! I don't know about you girlie's, but the Holiday season is my favorite time of year. Getting together with friends and family, going to parties and getting to dress up in your favorite heels and celebrate the season. And I know just the place to get your closet ready for it! LOFT! Like I have said in previous posts, I am so impressed with LOFT and what they are coming up with each season. Hitting it out of the park EVERY time!

Color was everywhere! From satin ballet flats in a rainbow of colors, yellow lace capri pants, striped sweaters, and the gorgeous jewelery! LOFT has you set for any occasion. Who wouldn't love a cat printed shift dress or a tulle skirt? Sequins and Glitter? It was a fashionista's heaven! Printed pants were on just about every mannequin. Leopard, lace and brocade patterns are your go to style for this winter. Chunky sweaters with maxi skirts are back and look as chic and comfy as ever. Not only will you be buying everything in the store for yourself, there are so many great gift ideas for friends and family too. Statement necklaces, cashmere house slippers, glitter makeup bags, feather belts and luxe wraps and scarves. LOFT has everyone taken care of, so when you start making that Christmas list, make sure this is at the top of your list. I PROMISE you don't want to miss out on all these fabulous goodies! 

Darling satin flats in a rainbow of colors

Cat printed shift dress. 

Tulle and Sequins, yes please!! 

These will definitely keep you warm though out the holidays!

Yellow Lace pants should be on your must-have list!

How cozy does this outfit look?

Perfect gift ideas for any girl on your list. 

UM - How amazing are these shoes?!

Feathers are back but in fun and unexpected ways. Like this belt! LOVE!!

Leopard pants!!! I DIE! Definitely a staple for anyone this winter!

Thanks to I Heart Heels for the invite! xo

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