Jul 30, 2013

Travel in Style: Truffle

I am all about organization, function and style when it comes to traveling. Since most airlines are charging to check bags, I am determined to pack all my essentials in a carry-on.  Which, for those of you who know me (I like options, people!), you know this is always a major task.  And I have to brag on myself because I haven't checked a bag in over a year! (Well, not counting the time I brought my sweetheart back some bourbon and it was too big to carry on- but that's a different story!) Needless to say, I have learned some tricks over the past few years, but one item that makes traveling just a little less stressful - Truffle pouches! Have you heard of them? If not, go check them out (after you finish reading, of course!) These bags are PERFECT for us carry-on fanatics.  There are 5 sizes to choose from.  You can use them for toiletries, keys, wallet, kindle, etc.  And they aren't just for travel purposes.  These are great for those bottomless carryalls and tote bags we all love to carry.  Another great design plus?  They are clear, so you can see the contents without having to dig around for things! Have I sold you yet? 

Coming from someone who has to carry a lot with her to work (no car means my bag becomes a catch all), these bags keep your makeup, pens, notebooks, first-aid supplies, etc separate, organized and easy to grab and go. They are even great to use as a clutch for a casual brunch or shopping around town.  The options are endless, lovelies! I could go on and gush about these bags for days, but I will let you check them out and see for yourself. 
Petite Clarity - $32

No. 1 Clarity - $38

The Document - $35

images from truffle


Jul 29, 2013

Must-Have Monday!

Well, it's back to reality for me this morning.  Back to the day job and responsibilities - yuck!  I wish Monday's could be for recovering from the weekend, don't you? I always feel like I need just one more day and i'll be good as new! Sadly, that isn't happening. So before I get back to reality, I thought I would share with you one of my "must-haves."  I was first introduced to Aruna Seth through I Heart Heels a few seasons ago.  I was lucky enough to join Aruna as well as some of her fabulous team at the London Hotel in Midtown. It was like a fairy tale come true walking into their suite. Truly my very own Cinderella moment being able to try on such gorgeous shoes. Aruna is not only super talented, she is one of the sweetest women you will ever meet.  She knows what women want and knows how to make a glamorous yet comfortable shoe! How can you compete with that?  Made from fine Italian leather and swarovski crystals, each shoe is absolutely breathtaking.  Though most of her designs are on the more formal side, she does offer several everyday or casual options that are just as swoon-worthy. Kate Hudson, Pippa Middleton, and Nelly Furtado are just a few of the ladies who adore her shoes. If these women wear her designs on a regular basis, you know they are to-die-for!
I will own a pair of these amazing works of art, I will!! But until then, they are sitting high up on my "must-have list."  Below are just a few of my favorites!  Any of you lovelies getting married soon? I would HIGHLY suggest you look into purchasing a pair of Aruna Seth's Farfalla pumps. TRUST! 

Charlie Driving Shoe

Beatrice - Pippa Middleton's Favorite! 

Patent Farfalla

 Kimberly Wedge

Rosie Bootie

Lace Farfalla
I mean - How stunning are these?! 

images from aruna seth

Jul 26, 2013

Frugal Friday

Hallelujah! It.Is.Friday. I think I have consumed more coffee this week than I have in the past month! Glad to have a few days to decompress and relax!  Though my week was crazy, I still made time to do a little online retail therapy and found some fabulous things your closets will thank you for! And the best part? Besides the fact that these lovelies will take you into fall? They are wallet friendly! Under $100!! You can thank me later!

Have a fabulous weekend! xx 

Asos Wedges $76

Hive and Honey Slouchy Pant $69

Bobbi Brown Navy Nail Polish $18

Jeweliq Roselyn Bib $25

Topshop Chambray Shirt - $58

LOFT Leopard Dress $69

Prettymints Fiesta Drops $18

Jul 25, 2013

Put a Name on It

Since I can remember, having your name on literally everything you owned is just a way of life.  Growing up in the south Monograms were a normalcy. After moving up north, I realized that my obsession with my name and initials on all things possible was not widely shared.  Don’t get me wrong, ladies here love monograms, just not in the way us southern gals do.  Enter C. Wonder’s new online monogram shop.  This is a total game changer. Those who don't have a store close to them, can partake in the fun too! Putting your initial on all things chic has never been so fun! Everything from Jeans (yep, you read that right), cosmetic bags, pillows, clutches, hats, to sweaters; there are endless possibilities for monograms.  Not only can you get names and initials, you can also get their popular critter icons too! I mean, where does the excitement end!?

As if I don’t already have enough, there are plenty of things here I just have to add to my collection.  Take my word for it, and what a great way to let everyone know that gorgeous clutch is YOURS!

Hurry! From now until August 8th you can get FREE monogramming on your order!

image from C.Wonder


Jul 24, 2013

Kate Spade Saturday


What better way to brighten up your day than to step foot into Kate Spade’s new “Saturday” pop up shop? The bright yellow facade should be a hint that fabulous things are waiting inside.  Kate Spade describes this new line as “putting their own spin on casual, channeling the carefree spirit of the weekend and bringing it to every day of the week with smart silhouettes, honest fabrics, and a sense of opportunity.”

It’s all made with an equal amount of style and function and a dash or two of versatility, which is so important these days!  If you can’t make it to their NYC pop up shop, online is your next best bet.  They have everything from clothes, jewelry, tech accessories, and travel gear.  If you are looking for some fun and unique pieces to add to your wardrobe, Saturday is the place to go.

Below are some of my favorites

all photos from kate spade
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