Jul 30, 2013

Travel in Style: Truffle

I am all about organization, function and style when it comes to traveling. Since most airlines are charging to check bags, I am determined to pack all my essentials in a carry-on.  Which, for those of you who know me (I like options, people!), you know this is always a major task.  And I have to brag on myself because I haven't checked a bag in over a year! (Well, not counting the time I brought my sweetheart back some bourbon and it was too big to carry on- but that's a different story!) Needless to say, I have learned some tricks over the past few years, but one item that makes traveling just a little less stressful - Truffle pouches! Have you heard of them? If not, go check them out (after you finish reading, of course!) These bags are PERFECT for us carry-on fanatics.  There are 5 sizes to choose from.  You can use them for toiletries, keys, wallet, kindle, etc.  And they aren't just for travel purposes.  These are great for those bottomless carryalls and tote bags we all love to carry.  Another great design plus?  They are clear, so you can see the contents without having to dig around for things! Have I sold you yet? 

Coming from someone who has to carry a lot with her to work (no car means my bag becomes a catch all), these bags keep your makeup, pens, notebooks, first-aid supplies, etc separate, organized and easy to grab and go. They are even great to use as a clutch for a casual brunch or shopping around town.  The options are endless, lovelies! I could go on and gush about these bags for days, but I will let you check them out and see for yourself. 
Petite Clarity - $32

No. 1 Clarity - $38

The Document - $35

images from truffle


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