Aug 12, 2013

Must Have Monday: Nest Fragrances

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I caught up on some much needed sleep and continued to rearrange and buy furniture/decor for my apartment.  I have been in my apartment for almost two years now and have finally decided I need to treat it like a "home," so to speak, instead of just a glorified hotel room.  So operation decorate apartment is on, lovelies! I have two new side tables on their way and am currently looking for a rug! I know, sounds super exciting! Suggestions or consultations are gladly welcomed!

The one thing you will always find in my apartment and one thing I love to give as gifts are products from Nest Fragrances. I am obsessed! There isn't a scent I don't like!  They not only have candles and diffusers, but they also have soaps, body washes and lotions.  This is your one stop shop for the candle or bath product obsessed.  My favorite scents are Moroccan Amber and Peony Blache.  And for a seasonal scent, the Pumpkin Chai is to die for, it's my fall go to candle.  But trust me you cannot go wrong with any scent choice!  Whether you are in the market for a new brand or gift for a friend or family member, Nest is the perfect gift.  I have given a few candles as gifts and have always been asked where to purchase as everyone loves them! Luckily, you can buy online.  But if you want that perfect gift now, Bergdorfs, Saks, and Bloomies are a few of the big retailers that carry their collections.  

Nest Fragrances


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