Aug 8, 2013

What's old is new again

Dooney & Bourke is making a strong comeback with their All Weather Leather collection.  I have seen so women and teens, for that matter carrying these bags lately.  And who can blame them?! They are well made, reasonably priced and are great options for casual bags to carry and could even be dressed up! Sold and Sold!
I am a HUGE fan of their drawstring style and have recently added it to my collection.  My first "nice" bag was a THIS style Dooney and Bourke and I carried it till it fell apart! How many of you carried this brand years ago?Or have brought it back into your wardrobe? It just goes to show that things do come back in style, so be careful what you throw out or give away (I should take my own advice!) xx

images from dooney & burke

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