Sep 18, 2013

All Saints - SS14

If I could outfit my closet in one brand - hands down, All Saints would be a top contender; if not at the top of my list! Gosh, I just LOVE every single piece they make.  And I mean that literally! You just don't see that many brands who have exquisitely well made clothing, with top of the line fabrics and materials, but still at a price point that is for the most part, reasonable.  I get giddy every time I get to peek at their latest collection, because I just know they are going to blow me out of the water with what they've created.

Inspiration for this collection was "Flora Mortis," when you entered the space, you were greeted by a large flower arrangement, with another one at the other end of the loft, both were weeks old and dying.  An artist was on hand each day to draw the arrangement and its dying process.  You could see in his drawings how the flowers slowly faded from full of life to dark and dreary.  Beedle (Creative Director for All Saints), said he "wanted to reverse the typical iconography of decay to express a message of hope and regeneration, of positivity and rebirth, and the reversal of that momentum."

 Black, nude, camel and cream made up the color palette, as well as an added punch of color with a vibrant red as seen on the trousers below.  Accessories were chunky with metal chain detailing - giving the collection some what of an edge, but still keeping it feminine.


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