Oct 3, 2013

Bobbi Brown Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, I know its only October, but I am already getting excited for the holidays.  I have purchased all my Christmas gifts except for one, and once I have that purchased I will be able to enjoy the holidays even more!  I have never been this ahead of the game before, and I am realizing that it may become the norm for me.  There isn't any stressing at the last minute, spending too much on a gift because you are rushed, or getting them something they may not use or want.  I can actually put more thought into things.

I am a makeup junkie, which is funny because I don't wear much or take the time to really apply what I do wear well.  But there is just something about cosmetics that I just can't get away from.  Maybe it's because I mostly use Bobbi Brown.  I started using her makeup years ago.  When my family would take trips to Dallas, my mom, sister and I would always head to Nieman's to stock up on makeup.  You couldn't get Bobbi Brown in Arkansas at the time (this was over 15 years ago!), so Dallas was the closet option.  So you can imagine what a field day it was when I stepped foot into the store.  Like a kid in a candy store, I started grabbing for everything I could.  Lipstick, foundation, eyeliner pots - you get the drift! I have never worn a brand where I have LOVED every product.  There are times when I have veered off course and purchased other brands, but end up always coming back to BB because she just get's it and her products just work! I do buy other brands from time to time, but for the everyday necessary items, I stick with Bobbi.  They aren't heavy or cakey, and they give you just the right amount of coverage, glow and subtlety.

Bobby Brown recently put her Holiday Gift Guide on her website and I had that kid in a candy store feeling all over again.  Where to start? What to choose? These would also make perfect gifts!  Too bad my last gift is for a handsome gentleman, or I would be done! Take a look at some of my favorites and be sure to check out the entire guide  here!

Old Hollywood Train Case

Nude Glow Shimmer Brick

Basic Brush Collection

     Hot Cocoa Palette

Beach House Collection


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