Oct 11, 2013

The most {sort-of} wonderful time of the year!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a HUGE sweet tooth! Like eating candy, desserts, and anything sugar for all meals type of sweet tooth.  One of my all time favorite sugar fixes is Candy Corn! Crazy enough, I am actually not big on Halloween.  I have a fear of clowns (no lie!) and I just don't like blood and guts (I pass out-on the real!) and I'm not all that keen on being scared! Call me a boring, delicate old lady, but I prefer other holidays to this one.  EXCEPT when it comes to the Candy and that's about all I will get excited about.
Below are some of my favorite Candy Corn flavored/inspired recipes I have come across as of late that I am dying to make/get my hands on! Anyone else a huge lover of Candy Corn?

links/images from bakedperfection.com, averiecooks.com, brit.co, & bakedbymelissa.com

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