Dec 4, 2013

Holiday Shopping Guide: Men's Gifts

Let's face it, this present is usually the one that takes more thought than most.  Or at least it does for me.  My guy usually buys what he wants throughout the year, and really doesn't want for much, which can make things a little tougher.  I started back in the spring just jotting down things I would hear him talk about or I would notice he didn't own.  Or I would find things that I thought he might like and keep those as ideas too. Whatever you have to do to make this time of year easier, do it!

Below are some of my "go-to" gift ideas for the men in your life.  These just about cover any type of personality and price range.  Hope this is a good start to making your list and marking things off!



  1. Happy Socks make me so incredibly happy!

    xo, Lindsey

    1. Don't they??!! Thinking I need some for myself! :)

  2. Great picks! And I agree with Lindsey! Happiest socks :)

  3. this is fabulous!! Please check out my blog I think you’d like it! Hope you’ll follow on bloglovin!


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