Jan 8, 2014


Happy (belated) New Year, Lovelies!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great start to 2014. I was able to get away from NYC for two weeks and it was definitely what this girl needed!  I love New York, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it does a body, mind and soul some good to get away from all the craziness for a bit.  It was nice to be able to relax, sleep in, eat whatever I wanted, and just spend time with some of my most favorite people.

Every year, like every other person on this planet, I make resolutions for what I want to accomplish over the upcoming year.  They are usually the same resolutions I have made years before, but have tweaked a little, or are things that I should be doing without hesitation, but have become lax or lazy about.  This year I decided to change my way of thinking and go about this whole "new year, new you" idea a bit differently.  I chose to find one word that I would use to help achieve some long overdue goals and positive changes, as well as hopefully bettering myself in the process.  One to make me feel more accountable for my actions and choices.  To have it in the back of my mind when it comes to work, this blog, family, friends, my relationship, and just life in general.  The word I chose for 2014 is Strive.  By definition, it is 'to make great effort to achieve or obtain something; to fight vigorously.'  I felt this word would cross over all aspects of my life and would be a goal I could definitely achieve in some areas, but would challenge me in others (which I most definitely need.)  I'm hopeful that this will motivate me throughout the year as I work to be better in all parts of my life.  All it takes is a little encouragement and personal strength to achieve what you want.  Here's to a great 2014! xo

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