May 21, 2014


There is definitely something to celebrate over here at SBF today! Someone is tuning another year older! So what better day than to talk about a party related favorite!! 

I have been in love with partyskirts since I first saw my girl Shasta wear one for her birthday last year (how cute does she look in hers, y'all.)  I immediately went to their website and obsessed over which one I needed first.  Sadly, I walked away without purchasing.  Not because I couldn't find one I loved (I found several, actually), but because the length for this girl was just a little too short for my comfort. Now, I know you all are thinking, she doesn't look tall; and you would be correct.  I have always longed to be 5'8", but 5'5" was as tall as the good Lord allowed me to get.  My 'problem' is that I have long legs and basically no waist, so skirts sit waayy higher on me than the normal person.  And as much as I was dying to own one of these fabulous skirts, I just can't get away with it! 

When I found out they had introduced a 'lady length' skirt, I literally squealed with excitement! This would be the PERFECT skirt for me! Midi length is so on trend and they have so many colors to choose from. 

Which brings me to the point of this post (sorry, long winded, I know). Yesterday, Party Skirts introduced their Summer 2014 Capsule Collection featuring two new patterns for their partyskirt and lady length styles.  Navy and White Stripe and Navy Polka dot.  Two of my very favorite patterns! I set an alarm (I didn't want to miss out) yesterday morning and ordered as soon as I got to work.  The navy and white stripe lady length is on it's way to me and I cannot wait to style it.  I may just have to order the polka dot one too. These are perfect now with a crop top or tee, and can also be worn later this fall with tights a light sweater and booties.  Ahh, all the outfit options I am dreaming about creating with this skirt! 

Too bad I can't wear this to my birthday dinner tonight.  I guess I will just have to come up with another reason to celebrate once she does arrive!


SKOT started when the Armstrong sisters created the first full-volume, bright silk PARTYSKIRTS to fill a hole in their own closets. The Armstrongs received an overwhelming response to their hand-made, attention-getting signature PARTYSKIRTS whenever they wore them. They started making custom versions for their friends, and the popularity of the skirts grew organically. Soon they had captured the attention of boutiques, media and fashion insiders. The Armstrong sisters realized they were on to something, and turned the PARTYSKIRTS phenomenon they were experiencing into a business, SKOT Apparel.

Photos and about from skot website


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