Jun 17, 2014

That Emoji Life

I admit it! I have an addiction to emoji's.  I try to use them in as many text messages as I possibly can. I even go as far as trying to make a convo out of emoji's alone (it's tough, but doable). Call me a nerd, or someone with too much time on my hands, but how many of you will admit you enjoy getting them in your messages?! I'm sure a lot of you! 

If you are one those emoji lovers like myself, you will be ever more excited with the news that came out today! Come July there will be around 250 new emojis for you to play with! WHAT!! It's like Christmas morning over here!! 
And the most shocking new addition, I think; the middle finger.  I have a feeling that  little guy will get way more use than others combined! 

See a few descriptions of  some new additions below 
(Source: Elle.com)

Wind blowing face. So, is it more reminiscent of Gisele B√ľndchen at a photo shoot with a wind machine, or my tear-streaked face in the Polar Vortex? Only time will tell.
Reminder ribbon. As in, that little bow around a finger, perhaps? I can't be the only millennial who forgot about the symbolism there. It's service-y, though. I like it.
Hot pepper. Paired with the oft-mentioned flamenco dancer, "spicy" just became SPICE-AY.
Building construction. To be used to express the frustration you feel about the workers who had to start hammering outside your window at the crack of dawn.
Derelict house building. Let's be frank: the real emoji gems are the ones that are just so random and specific.
White latin cross, Heavy latin cross, Celtic cross, Om symbol, Dove of Peace symbol. There's using your emoji religiously, and then there's using your emoji,religiously.
Man In Business Suit Levitating. I think this one speaks for itself.
Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers. Star Trek fans, rejoice!
24 new leafs and buds. If nature is your thing, you now have a leaf for every direction of the compass.
Three kinds of floppy disks. Most of us don't even think about DVDs these days, but it was nice of emoji to give a retro nod to their prehistoric days.
Sleeping accommodation. Huh. What does this one mean? (Sly face emoji)
And finally...
Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended. The one we've all been waiting for. The big Kahuna of emoji requests. When words just won't do the job (or you don't want to deal with Autocorrect's insistence on being PG-rated), we can now tell people how we really feel.
If you want to see a full list of the new emoji's, check them out HERE. No pictures yet, but at least you can prepare youselves for what is to come, and imagine all the conversations you can drum up with just emoji's. 
You are welcome! :) 
I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for these to get here!! Anyone else feel the same way? 
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Jun 16, 2014

It' a ring (stack) thing

As far as accessories go, rings are my thing! I love fun cocktail rings, gold, silver, midi rings, and my newest obsession - stackable rings. My mother gave me a gold band she used to wear, and I really wanted to add some rings to it that I could wear everyday.  I love being able to change them out according to my mood, occasion and outfit.  I found some great options from Pandora, and have been addicted ever since!  See some of my favorites below!

OH - and from now until June 30th, if you purchase two Pandora rings, you get a third one free! How great is that deal! Start your collection now! xx

A few of the Pandora silver rings I have added as of late

Added their 'glamorous' cocktail ring to my growing collection


Jun 13, 2014

Follow Favorites

It seems that I have been a bit lax on posting this week. Let me first apologize, and then try and make up for it by giving you some great reads for the weekend! I will be back Monday, I promise! xx

As much as I love a good designer bag or two, the reality is that my budget is more for the middle of the road cost price.  Kimberley, creator of Penny Pincher Fashion, shows you how to get fabulous looks for a fraction of the cost.  And as you read her blog you will see, she ALWAYS looks so put together and everything is affordable! She is one of my go-to for outfit inspiration. 

We all know Zac from The Hangover movies and his online 'show' Between Two Ferns.  So we all know how hysterically funny he is and  his twitter account is no different.  For your daily dose of random hilariously funny humor, I highly encourage you to add him to your feed! 

I LOVE to travel, and I love going to new and remote locations.  Beautiful Destinations instagram feed will definitely give you travel envy and a severe case of FOMO!  They photograph gorgeous destinations from all over the globe, and give you some great travel destination ideas you will be dying to make your next vacation getaway. 

I will be the first to admit I am lazy when it comes to beauty regimens.  I just want to have someone do it for me, or take the least amount of steps and effort to get it done. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE beauty products and getting all dolled up, I just don't have the patience to learn most of the time.  Enter Emily Weiss - creator of Into the Gloss - a website filled with all you need to know about the beauty world.  From of the moment nail colors, lipstick hues, to hair styles - she and her team have c-o-v-e-r-e-d.  They cover everything from classic, boho, to punk styles, so there is something for everyone here.  

photo via pinterest

Jun 6, 2014

Follow Favorites

TGIF! I have had one of "those" weeks and could not be happier that it has come to a close!  Some really great things have happened this week and I feel so blessed, but man, it was just exhausting! Relaxing is definitely on the agenda for this chica! 

Some favorites for you to check out this weekend! You can tell this week I was ALL about food and fashion!

It's no secret I have a HUGE sweet tooth.  And Averie Cooks is a sweets lovers DREAM!  Her website is filled with recipes for all sorts of sweet treats.  If you are even in need of a great dessert for a party, event, or just a good ole Saturday night, start here! 

Meaghan is one of those women you just know you would instantly be best friends with.  Her style is classic with a fun twist.  She is one of my 'go-to' blogs for outfit inspiration.  Working in corporate america can sometimes cut out or impair your fashion creativity or style, so it's always nice to have a great resource that gives you ideas on how to make it work appropriate without being boring! Her looks are so effortless and put together it's ridiculous.  Plus having DC as her backdrop doesn't hurt either.

I stumbled upon this website soon after moving to NYC and have been a huge fan of it ever since.  They have started to expand to other cities, but they have heavy pictures of food from around the NYC area.  They aren't real food critics (which I LOVE), so you get a more realistic view of what the food is like and where you must go to try the hottest dish.  I know there are TONS of food pics/accounts on instagram, but this one is a MUST FOLLOW! 

Everything you want to know about glitz and glamour you will find at Glitter Guide.  They cover everything from beauty to lifestyle to trends and everything in between.  For your daily dose of sparkle, follow them! 

photo via pinterest

Jun 2, 2014

So Clutch

I am a bag lady! Mary Poppins' carpet bag has nothing on me!! The bigger the better, I say!! BUT, since moving to NYC I have realized that carrying a ten pound bag everywhere I go is just not feasible and my back and neck are hating me for it!! I need to slim down on what I carry daily and just carry the essentials.  This has become a daily challenge for me, but I am determined to pare down what I need everyday.  I have a work bag that carries my laptop and all other office essentials, so those don't have to take up room in my handbag.  Now I can carry a smaller bag that transitions into evening!  I have really started to like the small bag idea.  they are great for everyday, but can also transition into evening.  I purchased a red clutch a few weeks ago at Kate Spade and have become obsessed with mini's! Here are a few of my favorites, in several "mini" sizes.  What is your go to bag or brand for smaller bags?

See more clutch options at Nordstrom here
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