Jun 17, 2014

That Emoji Life

I admit it! I have an addiction to emoji's.  I try to use them in as many text messages as I possibly can. I even go as far as trying to make a convo out of emoji's alone (it's tough, but doable). Call me a nerd, or someone with too much time on my hands, but how many of you will admit you enjoy getting them in your messages?! I'm sure a lot of you! 

If you are one those emoji lovers like myself, you will be ever more excited with the news that came out today! Come July there will be around 250 new emojis for you to play with! WHAT!! It's like Christmas morning over here!! 
And the most shocking new addition, I think; the middle finger.  I have a feeling that  little guy will get way more use than others combined! 

See a few descriptions of  some new additions below 
(Source: Elle.com)

Wind blowing face. So, is it more reminiscent of Gisele Bündchen at a photo shoot with a wind machine, or my tear-streaked face in the Polar Vortex? Only time will tell.
Reminder ribbon. As in, that little bow around a finger, perhaps? I can't be the only millennial who forgot about the symbolism there. It's service-y, though. I like it.
Hot pepper. Paired with the oft-mentioned flamenco dancer, "spicy" just became SPICE-AY.
Building construction. To be used to express the frustration you feel about the workers who had to start hammering outside your window at the crack of dawn.
Derelict house building. Let's be frank: the real emoji gems are the ones that are just so random and specific.
White latin cross, Heavy latin cross, Celtic cross, Om symbol, Dove of Peace symbol. There's using your emoji religiously, and then there's using your emoji,religiously.
Man In Business Suit Levitating. I think this one speaks for itself.
Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers. Star Trek fans, rejoice!
24 new leafs and buds. If nature is your thing, you now have a leaf for every direction of the compass.
Three kinds of floppy disks. Most of us don't even think about DVDs these days, but it was nice of emoji to give a retro nod to their prehistoric days.
Sleeping accommodation. Huh. What does this one mean? (Sly face emoji)
And finally...
Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended. The one we've all been waiting for. The big Kahuna of emoji requests. When words just won't do the job (or you don't want to deal with Autocorrect's insistence on being PG-rated), we can now tell people how we really feel.
If you want to see a full list of the new emoji's, check them out HERE. No pictures yet, but at least you can prepare youselves for what is to come, and imagine all the conversations you can drum up with just emoji's. 
You are welcome! :) 
I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for these to get here!! Anyone else feel the same way? 
image via google

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