Jun 2, 2014

So Clutch

I am a bag lady! Mary Poppins' carpet bag has nothing on me!! The bigger the better, I say!! BUT, since moving to NYC I have realized that carrying a ten pound bag everywhere I go is just not feasible and my back and neck are hating me for it!! I need to slim down on what I carry daily and just carry the essentials.  This has become a daily challenge for me, but I am determined to pare down what I need everyday.  I have a work bag that carries my laptop and all other office essentials, so those don't have to take up room in my handbag.  Now I can carry a smaller bag that transitions into evening!  I have really started to like the small bag idea.  they are great for everyday, but can also transition into evening.  I purchased a red clutch a few weeks ago at Kate Spade and have become obsessed with mini's! Here are a few of my favorites, in several "mini" sizes.  What is your go to bag or brand for smaller bags?

See more clutch options at Nordstrom here

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