Jul 9, 2014

Beauty BFF: Bobbi Brown's Art Stick

I've told y'all this before, I am not a savvy makeup girl.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE makeup, and LOVE to buy and tryout new things.  But I am all about time and the least amount I can do to get the job done.  So I am always looking for products that are versatile and can do more than one job.  

Enter the Art Stick from Bobbi Brown.  It's a lipstick and liner all in one and produces this lovely matte finish that isn't drying or dull.  I was first introduced to this product by my BB guru, Mary.  Yes, I am that makeup challenged that I go to the makeup counter to get my products and tutorials on how to apply.  And finding someone who you can trust and go back to time and time again is wonderful.  She is my makeup fairy godmother.  I have been going to her for over a year now and I just adore her. She knows my skin, what I like and can recommend new products to add to my makeup arsenal.  If you have the convenience of being near a boutique or department store with makeup artists on hand, I definitely recommend becoming friends with them.  They not only turn you into a glamour girl, but they also let you in on new products, sales, or promotions that are coming up so you can get them before others.  Which is how I found out about the new Art Stick.  

I have been using it for the last 4 months or so and am SOLD! I am not a trusted lipstick wearer.  I like my chapstick and usually that's all I use.  But I have been converted thanks to Bobbi! I HATE having super dry or sticky lips. I literally get angry about it, which is why I stick to chapstick.  This formula is the total opposite.  You just line your lips, fill them in and you are ready to go.  The colors are rich, creamy and matte without all those dreaded side effects.  

I own a few of these, but the Sunset Orange and the Dusty Pink have been my go-to's lately.  The orange is perfect for summer, and it's not super bright so you don't feel like your lips are getting there before you do.  I like to use this on weekends when I don't wear much makeup.  It's a little added pop of color to make me feel put together without all the hassle of a full face.  The Dusty Pink is the PERFECT everyday lip color.  I do not go anywhere without this baby! 

The Art Stick comes in 8 gorgeous colors from a Seductive Red to a Pretty Pink.  There is a color for everyone or every mood.  If you want to cut down on your daily necessities, this is the product you MUST buy. 

**Little secret - I have also used these as a blush when I have been in a pinch and needed to liven up my face.  It really is the a product you can't live without! Go and grab them now! You can thank me later. :) 


Available at Macys, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales

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