Jul 28, 2014

Three year itch

I have said this a million times, so I am sure you all know me by now - I like change.  There are some things that take me a bit longer to decide that change is necessary, and then there are some things I have no problem changing.  

I moved to New York three years ago (cannot believe it's been that long), and have lived in the same apartment.  And while I love the location, my building, my super and my doormen, the apartment was starting to feel like it was closing in on me.  At a mere 221 square feet, it served it's purpose of being a good 'starter' apartment and place to lay my head at night and come and go without really being bothered by it's size. But since January I have toyed with the idea of moving to a bigger apartment for many reasons.  Space being the biggest reason.  Although I am not really at my apartment all that much, it is nice to come home and crash on the couch, or sit at a desk to work, or have a dining room table that more that one person can sit around.  I miss cooking and having the space in my kitchen to do so.  I want the ability to entertain and have people over without having to sit on the bed, radiator cover or the floor.  And those things are what I am starting to miss as I am getting settled in more here in New York.  

I started sort of looking here and there at the possibility of moving and where I would want to move.  One of the great things about this city is that every neighborhood is completely different and it's almost like moving to another city or town.  There are some things that are similar, but the people, culture, restaurants, and businesses are sometimes vastly different.  I have lived on the east side of midtown, and while I do adore that area, I want to explore and experience a new area of the city.  And for someone who likes change, it's pretty easy to do.  BUT - and this is a big one - trying to find and apartment and move in New York is MISERABLE.  90% of the time the websites you look on are false and not even the actual apartment. You sometimes need a broker (fee involved), have to pay a deposit and first and last months rent, go before a board to get approved to even be considered a possible tenant.  They want your bank statements, your salary, and if I had children, I am sure they would want my first born!  It's just overwhelming and exhausting sometimes, and it's probably why I have just dealt with my micro apartment for as long as I have. 

Good news came my way last Friday - I will be moving at the end of August to a bigger apartment on the west side of midtown, and the icing on the cake? It's the same building one of my good friends lives in!  It's a whopping 600 square feet, so it's sort of like a mansion to me (almost three times the size of my current apartment) I don't know what I am going to do with myself and all this space!  So needless to say I have already started scouring pinterest for ideas and have increased my obsession with HGTV as well.  I didn't really do much decorating at my current apartment because I kept telling myself I would probably move, but never really looked.  So now, I get to make this place my home and I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I'm going to document the progression in case anyone is curious, but more as a visual diary of how my apartment developed and came to be over time.  So watch out for more decor and design related posts.  I would love any ideas or places you all have found great options.  Since I like change, I am having a hard time nailing down the 'look' I want to go with.  I just like so many things!

I hope you will follow along as I transition from one apartment to another and one neighborhood to the next. 

image via pinterest

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