Aug 1, 2014

Follow Friday - {8/1/14} - Dog Edition

Would you look at that!? It's August! HOW CAN THIS BE? I don't even want to say it as I know it will make some of you ill, but summer is almost over! (booo)

Today marks a special day in our house.  My baby boy turns 8 today.  Some of you may not know, but I have a sweetheart named Benny who came into my life about 6 year ago.  My aunt rescued him from her neighbors who were just going to leave him in an empty house until they could figure out what to do with him. (makes me sick to think people can be so cruel) She called and asked if we wanted a sweet, almost two year old Yorkie and I immediately said yes! My wonderful mother met her halfway between Hot Springs and Elizabethtown to get him, and the rest is history.  

When I moved to New York, I didn't bring him with me because we thought it would be best to get settled and then bring him here.  But as time went on, I realized that he has a pretty good life at Camp Kleinhenz and would miss his two best buddies, Isabella and Mac, too much.  I am gone every day for a minimum of 12 hours and that is a long time for a dog to be alone. I know I could get a dog walker or someone to check on him, but the stress of a totally different environment and lifestyle change for a dog is a lot harder than some people realize (yes, I am one of those people who will feel bad for a dog before a person, sorry) 

In honor of my little guy, I thought I would do a Follow Friday of some of the animal related sites, instas, and twitter accounts I follow.  If you are looking to give back or fulfill your daily/weekly dose of dog, I HIGHLY encourage you to volunteer and help out local shelters, vet clinics, and rescue organizations.  And if you are looking to add a dog to your family, please seriously consider rescuing one.  All of our dogs are rescues and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

If you want some names of places here in NY or in Arkansas or Kentucky where you can volunteer or help, please let me know!

Dogs of Instagram
For your daily dose of all things dog, this is one of my favorites.  From puppies to adults, from Chihuahua's to Dobermans - they have you covered!

Mayors Alliance for NYC's Animals
For anyone living in NYC and wanting to get involved with volunteering, fostering, or helping find homes for the thousands of animals that roam the streets every day, this is THE website.  It has so much information and they really need help!

the ASPCA is a nation wide organization fighting animal cruelty.  This organization is a great starting point if you are interested in getting more involved with helping animals.  They always have pictures of rescues and their story and how you can help out in your own community.   

The 'gang' Mac, Benny and Isabella

Happy Friday! xo


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