Aug 15, 2014

Follow Friday {8.15.14}

It is a gorgeous in NYC today and that just makes this day all the more fabulous!  It's amazing what a little sun and Vitamin D can do for your mood.  With only a few more 'Summer Fridays' left, I have been taking advantage and appreciating all the great weather we have been having! Today I'm heading to the new apartment to finalize the move and get my keys (YEAH), and then to pick up more boxes to continue the dreaded task of packing up my apartment. (insert trip to wine store here)

But before I head out, I couldn't skip out on my follows for this week!  I met these three ladies through blogging (it's amazing what this little outlet has afforded me!) and have become friends with outside of the social media world.  I adore each one of them as they are all just fabulous!  So, enjoy some girl power on this very happy and gorgeous Friday!  Have a great weekend! xo

Caviar Taste Tuna Fish Wallet
I met Lindsey four months after I moved here at an IFB Conference.  We were both standing in line outside waiting to get in and hit it off from the very beginning.  She has become one of my dear friends here in NYC, and best of all, we will be neighbors soon!  She also just had the most beautiful baby boy who I cannot wait to have endless date nights with! If you can't tell from the title of her site, CTTW is a great place to find affordable options for those high priced must have items each season.  We have all been there - that fabulous pair of shoes or that new 'it' bag is just screaming our name, but our wallet is singing a different tune.  Lindsey does an amazing job on finding those similar items at a fraction of the price. Her outfit posts will give you major closet envy, but are great inspiration for those days when you just can't figure out what to wear.  

Tiffany Pinero Style
Tiffany is one of those girls who has it all together 100% of the time.  Her outfits are always fabulous, her hair and makeup are gorgeous, she has the best gift ideas, and she can cook with the best of them! There isn't anything this woman cannot do! I met Tiffany on twitter before I moved here (we both contributed to the same blog a few years back) We ran into each other at a blogger conference during fashion week and have kept in touch ever since. She is such a rock-star that she has taken her passion of styling and personal shopping and turned it into her full time job! From friends, to longtime clients, to boutiques, to some popular brands, Tiffany has helped many women (and men) redefine their style and wardrobe.  Her posts are always so helpful and informative.  And she is the sweetest person EVER!
Lauren is one of those girls who you just connect with instantly.  Not only is she genuine, and sweet, she's really funny too!  Everything you want in a girlfriend.  She was one of the girls behind the super successful blog, Girls of Lincoln Park.  After moving to New York a few years ago she decided to branch out and create her own website.  If you love all things pretty, feminine and downright gorgeous - her website and instagram are a must! Not only does she 'get' fashion, she also has an eye for interiors as well.  It's been a great inspiration for me with ideas for my new space. 

image via pinterest

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